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   09/27 00:09  toastdoob:   there must be a pile of rubber particles by the litter box because I can't blow the smeLL away
   09/27 00:08  toastdoob:   vacuumed up a cat toy, and burned my belt apart ~ now it smeLLs like burnt rubber and my floor ain't clean
   09/26 23:40  btartus:   it was unreal to say the least!
   09/26 23:39  btartus:   Jason Bonham sat in Since Ive Been Loving You > No Quarter
   09/26 23:39  btartus:   saw Govt Mule last night at the Fillmore Miami Beach
   09/26 23:29  US Blues:   Planet Drum will also be out on CD with the 3 new tracks  
   09/26 23:01  toastdoob:   is that like cRap Music?
   09/26 21:30  gr8ful george:   Sounds cool Rob ...what club was that in New Haven
   09/26 21:27  copperdomebodhi:   Planet Drum coming to vinyl with new tracks: http://tinyurl.com/zwfrkz9
   09/26 19:42  gems:   Rex Allen would be proud.  Love simple cowboy and country songs.  All taste.  Some like eric cRapton
   09/26 19:02  blacksharpie:   and he made them seem uptempo.  
   09/26 19:01  blacksharpie:    (dammit) that's to be expected. I always thought Josh Ritter was pretty boring. I saw him open for the Cowboy Junkies
   09/26 19:00  blacksharpie:   And also FWIW, IMHO, and all that, I find "Blue Mountain" pretty boring. Maybe that
   09/26 18:59  blacksharpie:   FWIW, I saw Ace as GD studio album with all Weir songs. By the time Kingfish came out, we were used to side projects.
   09/26 18:48  Rob Berger:   oh and Good Morning
   09/26 18:48  Rob Berger:   i'm an old GUY.....damn fat fingers
   09/26 18:47  Rob Berger:   9/26/2016 - just another old buy with memories.......and tapes!
   09/26 18:45  Rob Berger:   9/26/81 was at GD @ Buffalo - 9/26/91 - Nirvana at a tiny club in New Haven. both memorable
   09/26 18:24  muledude:   9/25,26,27/81  Cool three night "mini-tour"
   09/26 18:22  muledude:   9/26/81 Morning Dew fantastic indeed!
   09/26 17:56  seaweed1010:   Congrats to all that got to see 9-26-81. Epic show, one of my favs
   09/26 17:45  poordevil:   6/25/95 was my last GD show, I had a good 19 year run  with the band, fans & friends                                    
   09/26 17:38  poordevil:   I was at the night before,  my 5 year anniversary show on 9/25/81, my 1st show was 9/25/76.
   09/26 16:59  gr8ful george:   Morning Dew all...listening to 9/26/81 Buffalo was there 35 years ago !!!
   09/26 12:03  yokohamaj:   
   09/26 12:03  yokohamaj:   On an entirely different note....
   09/26 12:01  yokohamaj:   Kingfish, on the other hand... that's a few more steps removed...
   09/26 12:00  yokohamaj:   I mean, Jerry, Phil, Keith, Billy ... it's basically a Weir-led Grateful Dead album, imo.
   09/26 11:59  yokohamaj:   @toastdoob: Even though Ace was before my time (came out year I was born), I'd have to imagine the answer there is "No."
   09/26 11:49  Patches:   Kenny Loggins, Micheal Mcdonald, Christopher Cross live stream on here- https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=eBohOV4qP24
   09/26 09:52  toastdoob:   songs written before I heard the newer ones
   09/26 09:52  toastdoob:   it's hard for me to imagine a song not being "born" yet so that's why I ask
   09/26 09:50  toastdoob:   there are faint strings of familiarity here and there
   09/26 09:49  toastdoob:   Was "Ace" or "Kingfish" as foreign sounding then as "Blue Mountain" does sound now?
   09/26 07:50  toastdoob:   the 1986 KF has crisp highs but shallow in bass ~ good thing for EQ ~ Pete Sears sits in on track 6
   09/26 07:02  dgeisler:   bet he passed watching it on the tube
   09/26 07:01  dgeisler:   crazy how he waited til the tour championship was completed
   09/26 06:59  dgeisler:   huge fan of golf here, yeah sad sad day
   09/26 06:36  jsullivan:   rip arnie...visting relatives years ago...we'd always wave hey arnie, at small planes flying over latrobe...
   09/26 06:03  walstib68:   sad news for sure. He grew up 20 min. from where I did. Met him a cpl times. such a nice guy.  
   09/26 05:53  Mydland_Years:   R I P Arnold Palmer ...  
   09/26 05:26  candymanfloyd:   classical guitar is over
   09/26 05:26  candymanfloyd:   Time to kick out the Zeppelin Led Zeppelin 1975-05-25 Zeppelin Express Physical Rocket
   09/26 05:11  goother:   I love all Zep. We can forgive the guy a lil slop here and there, it's live after all, and seems we are pretty forgiving of good ole GD in that regard
   09/26 05:07  candymanfloyd:   The Best of Andrés Segovia
   09/26 05:07  candymanfloyd:   [url=https://youtu.be/uRz3AQx21y8 ]The Best of Andrés Segovia[/url]
   09/26 04:48  shulls:   GREAT Eagles win today!
   09/26 04:33  walstib68:   ....but I really dig the studio stuff  
   09/26 04:32  walstib68:   not a fan of "live" zep I must admit. IMO he tried playing WAY too fast and lacked any control...
   09/26 04:28  goother:   yeah, gems, I said before, both he and clapton are great talents, no denying, but live, jimmy was f'd up a lot and it shows in his playing

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