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   08/28 02:17  Frawls78:   I have a taker. Thanks!
   08/28 01:50  Frawls78:   I don't have smarts or time to figure out how to seed this on my end but would really like to contribute something.
   08/28 01:49  Frawls78:   Have a great George Benson show from Tokyo, 1977. Excellent sounding FM broadcast. Would anyone be willing to seed this if I upload it to Dropbox?
   08/28 01:20  shulls:   Goother, you're a poet...and y'know it!  
   08/27 22:21  goother:           from the bong you do some pulls, then say happy birthday shulls        
   08/27 22:14  shulls:   Thanks everyone for the birthday greetings!  
   08/27 20:40  gems:    shuLLs !
   08/27 20:18  shulls:   
   08/27 19:30  walstib68:               
   08/27 19:28  walstib68:   Happy B-Day shulls!!      Gonna watch Sunshine Daydream tonite !!  
   08/27 19:08  gems:   We are bLLessed.  Thanks aLL
   08/27 19:01  pythagoras:   good morning! tnks for the NRPS 42072!!!!!!
   08/27 18:51  nfagdtrfb:   Seaweed ! Thanks for starting the ball rolling on that 7/8/81 tape hunt  
   08/27 17:29  Rob Berger:   new source of Cornell '77 up  
   08/27 17:05  shulls:   Thanks US Blues! Blasting 8/27/72 as I type! What an incredible show!
   08/27 17:01  US Blues:   "This is where we get off the best!" - Phil  27 August 1972, Veneta, OR                  
   08/27 16:07  seaweed1010:   7-8-81. Only show with Scarlet>Fire and Franklins in the same set
   08/27 16:06  seaweed1010:   Jump on the 7-8-81. Only other source is a degraded Aud. Great upgrade
   08/27 14:39  US Blues:   @shulls:      
   08/27 13:38  shulls:   8/27/72...my birthday show!
   08/27 07:17  toastdoob:   If anyone has some memorabilia they want to share, PM me
   08/27 06:07  toastdoob:   @bigwoods - LOL! I just saw your reply
   08/27 06:05  toastdoob:   Mookie told me Phil plays lots of no cover shows to bring bands in - then he sometimes guests on them - you never know...
   08/27 06:03  walstib68:   Free Phil show>http://tinyurl.com/qcbyr22....sorry if its old news.
   08/27 05:46  toastdoob:   can't help you on that one- sorry - Duncan & Brady in the NRPS reseed has been done recently by Nelson
   08/27 05:43  Charlie Miller:   gd80-11-26sbd upgrade
   08/27 05:39  toastdoob:   I can do any thing Nelson or Mookie touches
   08/27 05:39  toastdoob:   for what band?
   08/27 05:38  Charlie Miller:   Can someone get a shnid for me? Please PM.
   08/27 05:36  thebigwoods:   soaring, not scorching, dude
   08/27 05:35  thebigwoods:   not at all
   08/27 05:34  toastdoob:   ...like a moth before a flame...
   08/27 05:34  thebigwoods:   And I get the strangest feeling, as I'm Heading for the light,
   08/27 04:57  thebigwoods:   where are you, my Hearty?
   08/27 04:23  US Blues:   Fare Thee Well
   08/27 04:20  jsullivan:   take a moment of silence for the reporters who lost their lives in virginia.
   08/27 03:45  toastdoob:   Bonus reseed nrps1972-04-20 http://shnflac.net/details.php?id=9eff826ac4d918376a631f622b7c7088e38be541
   08/27 02:11  toastdoob:   Thanks - ya' aLL enjoy!
   08/27 02:08  indydarkstar:   done
   08/27 01:59  toastdoob:   Please delete the single file Garcia tribute magazine torrent - the complete one is now up
   08/27 01:47  meanmrkite:   now i'll just wait for the proverbial 'cat o' nine tails' lashing from the cc company!  arrrrrrggggg mateys!
   08/27 01:32  meanmrkite:   SO...credit it IS        
   08/27 01:32  meanmrkite:   never was able to get DbaseXI...and my DbaseIV, VII and X are all lovingly thrashed with years of frontal lobe excursions  
   08/27 01:31  meanmrkite:   just plunked down the C-note for Deadbase50...on credit              
   08/27 00:47  Richard Starlight:   Shiver me timbers, mateys!   What a fine bunch of illustrious varlets are ye      
   08/27 00:25  toastdoob:   You can bring the records down to Baltimore for safekeeping  
   08/27 00:23  US Blues:     Aye Captain!
   08/26 23:54  indydarkstar:   a captain starlight sighting         LL LLoves you too good capn'
   08/26 23:41  Richard Starlight:   I LOVE Lossless Legs, and I DON'T CARE who KNOWS IT        
   08/26 22:35  budz4ticketz:   i figured out where to put most of my stuff.. The Dump!

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