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   12/03 17:53  jim wise:   Mountains of the Moon, bow and bend to me
   12/03 17:27  mongobird:   it is a beautiful day with a trace of snow here
   12/03 17:03  luminarist:   watching the sun wake up the valley to the west. It's going to be a beautiful day!
   12/03 16:57  FreedomHaul:   morning everyone! sun's coming up over the mountains and the clouds are glowing pink. LLovely day
   12/03 16:45  pythagoras:   mornin'
   12/03 16:22  luminarist:   Good Morning LL'ers    
   12/03 11:50  mojohand:   Love this site. Goodnight.
   12/03 08:46  bobsaget12345:   dream theater
   12/03 07:21  billymack7:   antenna style
   12/03 07:20  billymack7:   Doob!  I got me some M*A*S*H at 7 and 7:30!
   12/03 07:08  toastdoob:   almost time for Barney MiLLer on Antenna TV
   12/03 07:06  toastdoob:   ...burn a hole, burn a hole in the middlle, in the middle of your gosh darn screen...
   12/03 06:51  arfarf:   worked there way through keys, harmonica and bass before they'd get to strap on a 6 string
   12/03 06:48  arfarf:   some pretty decent pickers, like Coco Montoya and Debbie Davies started on drums behind Albert Collins
   12/03 06:47  arfarf:   In a lot of the old blues bands, you'd have to work your way through the chairs...
   12/03 06:32  arfarf:   interesting point, so many rock bass players are frustrated 6 stringers, Phil one of the exceptions
   12/03 06:31  billymack7:   He's forward in the mix.....  
   12/03 06:29  billymack7:   was just listening to his playing here:  http://tinyurl.com/j5ljzd8
   12/03 06:27  billymack7:   Anyone ever heard him play a non-bass-octave guitar?
   12/03 06:26  billymack7:   I wonder what Phil would sound like playing one of Jerry's guitars?
   12/03 06:21  oed59049:   Live music and "the scene" is where it's at -- I've been missing it too.  Rock on.
   12/03 06:03  jaz:   Minimum 35miles to live music for me, and usually the good stuff is 1 hour plus. hungry for the live vibe i am  
   12/03 05:49  stuccoholmes:   So it wasn't "Ancient Chinese Secret" after all...
   12/03 05:29  jaz:   Good deal dazed! My ten is soon approaching. What a pleasure!!  
   12/03 05:28  henry:   Chef who invented General Tso's Chicken dies at 98 - RIP chicken man.
   12/03 04:53  toastdoob:   I get to 11 on the Ides of March
   12/03 04:44  oed59049:   Happy Friday all.  Warming up two lava lamps here (Wild, huh?   )
   12/03 04:37  stuccoholmes:   and girl...
   12/03 04:36  stuccoholmes:   According to DB, High Country opened for the boys on 12-10-72
   12/03 04:30  dazed64:   Today is my 11th LL birthday!!! Wow,can't believe it's been that long....congrats to all that are still here...
   12/03 04:25  gems:   wondering the same
   12/03 04:14  poordevil:   where's wharfratjoe ?  haven't seen him here lately  
   12/03 03:37  arfarf:   on the big river, should be Bill Kirchen on guitar
   12/03 03:36  mongobird:   anyone know how I can reach a youtube poster of Dead/ Phish videos? jibboo
   12/03 03:36  arfarf:   Thanks indy!
   12/03 03:19  perry:   Philzone almost 17 years till it shut the doors this week.  The new Philzone looks the same, so it is like home
   12/03 03:19  perry:   LLove this place.  I am comin up on 11 years 1/25/2006 join date
   12/03 02:57  indydarkstar:   this is interesting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgLCDT6fE0U
   12/03 02:57  poordevil:   or is it 10.5 years...been here so long I got to callin' it home
   12/03 02:56  poordevil:   ...a quick THANKS....to every member here, past & present, you have made LL amazing for 11.5 years    
   12/03 02:54  indydarkstar:   I found their web page says N CA band started in 1968
   12/03 02:53  arfarf:   The band name rings a bell
   12/03 02:52  arfarf:   the DJ says it's from an album someone from the Dead dropped off for the station, so I suspect a bay are band
   12/03 02:51  indydarkstar:   cant say I ever heard the name before,real old traditional from a sample here
   12/03 02:50  arfarf:   thanks - have an FM I need to confirm channels on, and that Big River was filler on same broadcast
   12/03 02:48  indydarkstar:   I do not
   12/03 02:43  toastdoob:   the NATters get your IP when they connect to the tracker and they caLL you and you share
   12/03 02:43  arfarf:   do you by chance have a studio album by the band High Country that contains a cover of Big River?
   12/03 02:42  toastdoob:   Nothing like getting on a torrent early with open ports  
   12/03 02:42  arfarf:   ha, indy, good timing, I was just going to PM you...

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