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   07/26 17:09  indydarkstar:   if anyone wants to transfer around 3000 hours of FM>VHS audio....
   07/26 16:45  indydarkstar:   none of the old indy crew has any idea where dave is now.been wondering for years where that pile of DAT's was
   07/26 16:44  indydarkstar:   I remember Dave sending me a signed cassette of Rum Runners when indy jr was born  
   07/26 16:42  indydarkstar:   I have most of their So Many Roads/Morning Dew shows on VHS,no telling whats there  
   07/26 16:41  indydarkstar:   thats really cool charlie,his partner Tim D is doing another program in indy again
   07/26 16:06  Hadrian:   Happy Birthday to Mick Jagger, Roger Taylor (Queen) & Gary Cherone (Extreme)!
   07/26 15:57  Steve K:   its coming up as a bad ID
   07/26 15:16  Charlie Miller:   need some help with this one please  gd1982-05-28.sbd.tobin.130199.flac16  http://www.shnflac.net/details.php?id=9efb58ee08f91aa7beec017250015908788c6
   07/26 14:48  frolfer:   Just gotta make it through the day!
   07/26 14:48  frolfer:   DSO tonight! Whoo!
   07/26 10:41  Charlie Miller:   He used to get all my recent recordings for his radio show.
   07/26 10:41  Charlie Miller:   Dave Jackson is a very good long time friend who I just spoke to yesterday (very random call)
   07/26 08:59  azphil:   then played them some more
   07/26 08:58  azphil:   I'll try to find them.  I played them A LOT.  Transferred to VHS HiFi when I started to worry about how much I was playing them
   07/26 07:51  indydarkstar:   no idea what all is on those,lots of great stuff around 2000ish,ratdog sbds and such I know for sure
   07/26 07:50  indydarkstar:   I have about 500 FM > VHS of local indy radio show and taper dave jacksons recent pulls aired weekly
   07/26 06:47  toastdoob:   I have some vintage 2 digit GDHs complete with vintage commercials
   07/26 06:32  garageboy:   azphil, those FM tapes should be digitized .. .. master FMs . . . .
   07/26 06:30  goother:   paste to new I use a lot now, but took a while to figure out that was how to do what I wanted.
   07/26 06:29  goother:   I still use audition 1.5. Never upgraded as it does everything I need it to do, which is not a lot. Not the most intuitive sometimes.
   07/26 05:17  stuccoholmes:   Love Audition...
   07/26 04:56  jmitchell:   gonna be slow goings, uploading to the archive as well
   07/26 04:50  gems:   i suspect he has em, but if not, your tapes are important
   07/26 04:50  gems:   jim and i had a discussion about those and a few otehrs, like the healy phoenix 94 interviews
   07/26 04:46  azphil:   I have 'em on cassette somewhere.  I wonder if KXCI has them Gems/Jim??
   07/26 04:45  azphil:   I recorded 12/31/84 live off KXCI and they played that Garcia interview and I think there was a Billy K and a Brent interview as well
   07/26 04:31  jmitchell:   trying my hands at audition, quite a bit different than what I usually work with
   07/26 04:26  jmitchell:   ummm had a messup on the akg
   07/26 04:07  johanfex:   Blues ?
   07/26 03:25  jmitchell:   or category
   07/26 03:24  jmitchell:   hmmm no Tedeschi Trucks icon
   07/26 02:13  gems:   ok 40 minutes watching that, how am i spossed to get anything done  my daughter loved it
   07/26 01:35  humboldt1:   http://www.nautiluslive.org/           lots of sea life on this dive a little north of catalina
   07/26 00:46  wharfratjoe:   D&C > The Higgs after show D&C party tomorrow  
   07/26 00:45  wharfratjoe:   man i am burnt today..lol
   07/26 00:45  wharfratjoe:   yeah I would to, very cool
   07/26 00:39  gems:   all in a days work Joe, prefer it to a car personally
   07/26 00:31  freetime:   I love this Guido Sarducci interview of JG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igfxUvcu_-I
   07/26 00:29  wharfratjoe:   Thanks to aLL the seeders for bringing the D&C sources to LL!  
   07/26 00:19  wharfratjoe:   nice bike ride gems!
   07/26 00:18  jsullivan:   Nice Hunter. Without honeybees, the prognosis isn't bright...keep up the great work!
   07/26 00:07  Jubal_H_Seamons:   Don't waste your time if you have already seen the bees photo I posted earlier. Again here: http://tinyurl.com/hbvez3l
   07/26 00:06  Jubal_H_Seamons:   I was informed the previous "bees chilling in hive link" was not working on some devices. This SHOULD work. Same as before.
   07/25 23:53  savemulder:   recent material , a bunch you can DL, fast,  from their site and maybe grab all with a browser add-on ?
   07/25 23:48  savemulder:   i'm just starting to dig into the mp3 collection at soundclould.com-WMWV Radio http://tinyurl.com/jxrc33j  
   07/25 23:32  jim wise:   Tour de Flac?..... that's good
   07/25 23:28  gems:   Hearts of Summer held in trust still tender, young and green left on shelves collecting dust not knowing what they mean
   07/25 23:27  arfarf:   imo, the last great Hunter/Garcia ballad
   07/25 23:27  gems:    arf, least its under 100 degrees at 5 am when i ride
   07/25 23:26  gems:   so do i love that song?   you bet    

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