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   03/29 16:08  toastdoob:   Tomorrow is Eric Clapton's birth anniversary
   03/29 16:02  US Blues:   29 March 1990- because it is the show of the day        
   03/29 16:01  US Blues:   29 March: 1965  JerryRocks arrives only months before Phil joins the band!      
   03/29 14:57  JerryRocks:   Thanks guys! Looking forward to a nice day here. Have a great day aLL!  
   03/29 14:27  Billyk:   Morning aLL
   03/29 12:07  frazer:    Happy Birthday and best wishes to you , JerryRocks ! 50 !!  
   03/29 08:46  thebigwoods:   Happy 50 JR !
   03/29 07:45  seremetcc:   Really enjoyed the TTB webcast. Can't wait for SPAC!!
   03/29 05:12  toastdoob:   that I haven't stuck an eye or an ear to
   03/29 05:11  toastdoob:   I had my XP drive in my laptop for a Saturday night thing I do - time to swap to back to W7 & see what's on the BT machine
   03/29 05:02  meanmrkite:   whippin' out the Pistol Packing Mama next...            
   03/29 05:01  meanmrkite:   drinkin rum & coca-cola...you vex me, you vex me     little Andrews Sisters for yas on this fyne evening  
   03/29 04:52  toastdoob:   Rum, cola and vaniLLa extract over smashed ice <jk>
   03/29 04:43  Jubal_H_Seamons:    Made with 100% pure, unadulterated, non-bastardized, fresh-squeezed orange juice!
   03/29 04:41  Jubal_H_Seamons:   Well, guess it's time to shuck some oysters and boil the dog, because it's NIGHT 2 of the Tequila Sunrise Weekend Bash!  
   03/29 03:47  US Blues:   @JerryRocks- welcome to Prime Time        
   03/29 03:33  toastdoob:   We had snow flurries today. Sping just won't spring!
   03/29 02:12  JerryRocks:   3/1 & 3/2/69 to ring in 50s!  
   03/29 02:12  JerryRocks:   Thanks Chris! Couldn't ask for a better soundtrack than 2/27 & 2/28/69 to wave good bye to 40s and
   03/29 02:06  seaweed1010:   Happy early b-day Andy! Enjoy your fleeting moments of the 40s
   03/29 01:45  gyro:   I have a terrible cold/flu, gonna miss the TXR "1972" show tonight. Dang.  
   03/29 01:19  hoaxwagon:   Three grate things all on the same day....Happy Fifty!!!
   03/29 01:07  JerryRocks:   diving into an 18-year old bottle of Glenfiddich for my 50th birthday tomorrow!  
   03/29 01:06  JerryRocks:   Revisiting the Fillmore West Box Set tonight & tomorrow and
   03/29 01:01  tHepCat:   it is what it is
   03/29 00:51  ShootingDarkstar:   Here's a thought, accept things as they are and find peace and happiness with it.  An attitude of gratitude.
   03/29 00:35  poordevil:   just cuz you see it, doesn't mean you need to use it
   03/29 00:34  poordevil:   the reseed button is seen on EVERY TORRENT NOW - even ones WITH SEEDERS  
   03/29 00:33  toastdoob:   you can lead a peer to a torrent but you can't make them leech if they're firewalled
   03/29 00:31  poordevil:   it's their choice but it's impossible to help them
   03/29 00:30  poordevil:   maybe as many as 25% of the people here don't EVER read their PM's.
   03/29 00:28  poordevil:   I have accepted that after years of trying
   03/29 00:28  poordevil:   ...but they never read the PM's they receive  
   03/29 00:27  poordevil:   I have tried to reach some members here for years via PM.  They ask for reseeds so I know they can read.
   03/29 00:26  poordevil:   typo
   03/29 00:26  poordevil:   "one" of the..  sp error
   03/29 00:25  poordevil:   ine of THE main problems here is, members that do NOT read their PM's. Fix THAT & we fix a lot of things quickly
   03/29 00:24  blueterra:   Oh well no biggy.
   03/29 00:24  johanfex:             
   03/29 00:24  arfarf:   agreed
   03/29 00:24  poordevil:   ...so. we just deal with the resulting requests that have seeders, still better than no button there
   03/29 00:23  poordevil:   can't connect to them & can't use the button - it wasn't there TO use
   03/29 00:22  poordevil:   it was a no win situation
   03/29 00:21  poordevil:   that was done because so many members were NAT & were the LONE SEEDER so no reseed button was there to use then
   03/29 00:20  poordevil:   maybe they don't KNOW it's seen on EVERY TORRENT NOW - even ones WITH SEEDERS  
   03/29 00:18  poordevil:   well, if Ican see the two buttons & hit the right one, everyone can if they just pay attention & LOOK
   03/29 00:17  arfarf:   on the number of errant reseed request recieved
   03/29 00:17  arfarf:   not jumping on the latest hot torrent until it's aged a couple of days will also cut down...
   03/29 00:14  arfarf:   and far from the Thanks button
   03/29 00:13  arfarf:   once again, in a perfect world, Reseed button would be up by where the .torrent file is grabbed from

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