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   09/02 01:37  luminarist:   
   09/02 01:05  wharfratjoe:   meanmrkite, the 4 u needed, will be coming up soon. i need to get some things done and some family time
   09/02 00:57  wharfratjoe:   not that she needs to know this      
   09/02 00:57  wharfratjoe:   my wife is freakin amazed at how fast i got the firewall back up, she thoguht it was going to take my a day or two...ha! i have torrents to seed
   09/02 00:55  wharfratjoe:   Firewall is back online
   09/02 00:16  wharfratjoe:   pipe is fixed. now working g on the firewall....
   09/02 00:15  wharfratjoe:   If u read the shout box I had a plumbing issue that took out my firewall / interent. yes the torrents stalled
   09/01 21:08  coopertown:   yeah i know what you mean Dave i`m pretty active there it`s a great page and the members want to keep it that way the spam usually doesn`t last long
   09/01 21:00  gems:   list is done, about 589 dates listed, not all are shows but lots are...look at 1993 alone  
   09/01 20:38  sunshinedavedream:   thanks for posting those...a nice change from the dude hocking his book!
   09/01 20:37  coopertown:   that`s very kind thank you
   09/01 19:57  gems:   amazing and so grateful for your historical perspective so long ago, bLLessed be
   09/01 19:54  coopertown:   just about every concert i went to and that was a lot i`d cut the review out the next day i have a box full
   09/01 19:52  coopertown:   i can`t believe i have all this stuff and not just GD back in the 70`s newspapers had at least one reviewer sometimes 2 or 3
   09/01 19:41  gems:   on it, and 80s tour vets  thanks for aLL you share  
   09/01 19:38  coopertown:   that`s the FB page
   09/01 19:38  coopertown:   go to tour vets 1970`s page i`ve been posting like a mad man so many newspaper clippings and they`ll be dust soon
   09/01 19:36  coopertown:   oh not much...really
   09/01 19:25  gems:   much* sp
   09/01 19:25  gems:   coopertowns 8 8 80 post and fantastic article really got me thinking...and i havent done mocu for the Team LLately
   09/01 19:25  varitek:   Thx for aLL the help with the Garcia 74 seeds
   09/01 19:21  US Blues:   Go for it!!    
   09/01 19:16  gems:   if i make one list of all the JGB shows we have NO sources for, would anyone here care?  lemme know
   09/01 19:10  feelingextra:   
   09/01 18:45  gems:     philerup the sweet music maker taught me that
   09/01 18:44  gems:   each day is gift, the now is the present-//
   09/01 18:36  digitalrbb:   digitalrbb
   09/01 18:15  SunshineDel:   has stalled out at around 51% - any help out there?
   09/01 18:14  SunshineDel:   It seams that - Torrent of the Week 18 - Genesis Hogweeds08 1975-04-28
   09/01 17:43  US Blues:   1 Sept: 1969; 1979      Happy September Friends- summer flew and August died.  
   09/01 17:34  owsleyiii:   Good Morning to aLL  have a grate/great day
   09/01 17:27  JKB314:   Morning folks! Hope you're all doing well, and happy Labor Day to all the Americans out there.  
   09/01 16:58  keo72467:   Morning Folks, Nice wharfratjoe  
   09/01 16:55  indydarkstar:   good morning LL'ers
   09/01 16:33  macdoogle:   4-9-14 can't get enough of here comesthe sun https://archive.org/details/pandf2014-04-09.senn_e835.mccue.ford.sbeok.flac16      
   09/01 15:50  luminarist:   Good Morning LL'ers
   09/01 15:34  meanmrkite:   
   09/01 15:33  meanmrkite:   
   09/01 15:32  meanmrkite:   (SB abuse brought to you by sincere love & appreciation for wharfratjoe and his deadication to this music we aLL live & breathe :music
   09/01 15:29  meanmrkite:   
   09/01 15:10  nagajolokia:   Ooooops, hit reseed when I meant Thanks. Apologies.
   09/01 09:15  wharfratjoe:   sucks but it is what it is
   09/01 09:14  wharfratjoe:   plumbing issue caused the Internet to go down. se ed d's won't come back online until sometime tomorrow
   09/01 08:38  indydarkstar:   I was listening to some stuff yesterday,louder it got,cleaner it got  
   09/01 08:20  wharfratjoe:   will seed tomorrow
   09/01 08:20  wharfratjoe:   louder u play it, the cleaner and more dynamic it seems to get. weel seed tomorrow.
   09/01 08:18  wharfratjoe:   heart and soul just went into this last Rum Runners i mastered (3's a charm)...oh man, its a keeper  
   09/01 08:16  wharfratjoe:   speeds r fast atm, jump on them      
   09/01 08:05  indydarkstar:   go wrjoe!!
   09/01 08:03  wharfratjoe:   Hogweeds are my personal fav Genesis collection

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