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   04/24 13:58  US Blues:   24 April: 1970; 1971; 1972; Normal State '78!  
   04/24 13:12  keo72467:   Check them out! Have an awesome day everyone  
   04/24 13:11  keo72467:   their sets! Awesome folks from the Catskill's!Love their music, vibe and what they are doing
   04/24 13:09  keo72467:   They are creating an album called "Love Live" and welcoming folks to come out and see them/record
   04/24 13:07  keo72467:   Any West Coast Tapers out there(OR, WA, CA)? Check forum post - Mike And Ruthy On Tour
   04/24 13:04  keo72467:   Morning folks
   04/24 08:41  heungbo:   Heading to Russia for the 1st time next week- Dirt Band was the first from the US to play there back in '77
   04/24 08:40  heungbo:   I would love to hear some Nitty Gritty Dirt Band tapes. Do any circulate?  
   04/24 08:17  trotterjelly:   Nice to see it get a proper host again
   04/24 08:10  trotterjelly:   Ubuweb has parts of it in mp3 and some of the torrents may still be alive on public trackers
   04/24 08:07  trotterjelly:   The Avant Garde Project is brilliant
   04/24 07:21  thebigwoods:   Vibes to Blair & family. Love your Family everyday
   04/24 05:26  gyro:   Please give good vibes for Lumin's forum post for Blair.  
   04/24 05:10  gyro:   Frickin Yankees, cheaters!  Dang!  
   04/24 04:08  Stendahl:   warning: not for bipedal herd animals, the faint of heart, nor the dim of bulb
   04/24 04:07  Stendahl:   http://archive.org/details/iaagp Internet Archive Avant Garde Project
   04/24 03:07  mozo23:   Duck & Al Jacksonâ¦best rhythm section ever..!!
   04/24 02:32  gems:    to Wrigley Field in Chicago, she turned 100 today  
   04/24 02:29  ShootingDarkstar:   Speaking of Jeff Austin, thank you Indy for your recording of Austin and the Keels at John Hartford last year.  Listened this morning
   04/24 02:22  gems:   Yankees Pineda just ejected from the Sox game for cheating, let the season begin!
   04/23 23:58  healthy_scratch:   True Indy either way the it was a great loss to the low end one that should still be marked today as well as anyday
   04/23 23:48  indydarkstar:   actually the dateline is may 13 2012     I'm just gonna go hug some more trees now  
   04/23 23:44  healthy_scratch:   Miss a day miss a year Indy sadly Donald Duck Dunn died in May 2013
   04/23 23:41  indydarkstar:   donald duck dunn RIP       man,miss a day,miss a lot  
   04/23 23:41  gems:   course you know me i wouldnt likely go even in 65 degrees slighty breezy, chance of margaritis
   04/23 23:40  gems:   true jaz, cant picture a festy in 95 degree heat , nope
   04/23 23:39  indydarkstar:   jeff austin is leaving yonder  
   04/23 23:34  jaz:   Jams i've been told of a festival south ajo with melvin playing?
   04/23 23:31  jackaroeRI:   Great job on the Creek show!!! Been going for near 30 years- going again Friday.
   04/23 23:27  scottdead:   Just got permission to video Dead Sessions May 2 at Port City Music Hall Portland, Me.
   04/23 23:06  frolfer:   Yay Max Creek its Just a Rose
   04/23 21:53  caf:   I'm looking for just a brief clip, not the longer documentary that I found on YouTube.
   04/23 21:52  caf:   Does anyone have a link to a clip of Howard Cosell reciting Dylan's Forever Young to Mohammed Ali?
   04/23 21:52  caf:   Seeing them under the Flyers' and Sixers' banners was a memorable part of my youth.
   04/23 21:51  caf:   The Dead played the Spectrum more times than anyone except possibly Springsteen.
   04/23 20:53  scottdead:   Max Creek 4-11-14 Part 1 is up at youtube  http://youtu.be/reYjN3RAF1g
   04/23 20:16  Brad125:   Broad Street Bullies baby!!!  Used to love seeing those banners at the Spectrum all glossy-eyed  
   04/23 19:20  gems:   band is clearly inspired, brent sounds fantastic and Garcia peeling off notes,  
   04/23 19:19  gems:   listening to 5 30 80 transfer passenger>easyto love you althea> music never stopped is just great
   04/23 19:14  ajg:   Hockey is the greatest sport, just because it is.  Go Bruins!!
   04/23 18:48  andymon:   Coincidental minors for hooking and slashing.
   04/23 18:27  meanmrkite:   gud morgen to youse aLL  
   04/23 18:16  Brad125:   4-23-84 New Haven  Aiko>Sailor>Saint>UJB>Only A Fool  Killer time    
   04/23 17:44  gems:                                                                a strain i just discovered is Dutch Treat, boy it does what it should  
   04/23 16:53  johanfex:   who ever said cops don't need to expand their minds  
   04/23 16:51  gonearethedays:   Cops are "tripping" near Austin  http://bit.ly/1kRe9Ku
   04/23 16:31  cmore:   Hockey might be the greatest sport because they show a guy on TV
   04/23 16:31  cmore:   and put the word "tripping" right under him. Thanks the fates that never happened to me.
   04/23 16:31  cmore:   Hockey might be the greatest sport because they show a guy on TV
   04/23 16:30  hulls:   Good morning aLL! Some 9/16/90 MSG He's Gone to start this day. Have a Grate one...

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