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   10/21 17:02  indydarkstar:   celebrating my B-day tonight w/ hyryder weir/brent B-day show,should be mega fun
   10/21 17:01  indydarkstar:   
   10/21 16:42  pat8track:   trying to live a life that's completely free
   10/21 16:17  indydarkstar:   Floyd I'll make you lose your grip With this tiny piece of paper I can make you slip
   10/21 15:46  indydarkstar:   good morning LL'ers
   10/21 15:03  johanfex:             http://tinyurl.com/jg27h3r      now that's bettah      
   10/21 15:01  johanfex:   Jubal :     http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/JustinGlass-/222281452795?hash=item33c101ccfb:g:-lcAAOSw8gVYAMiy
   10/21 09:43  toastdoob:   FINAL: Cubs 8 - Dodgers 4
   10/21 09:21  toastdoob:   starting to cloud up arounf Bmore
   10/21 09:20  toastdoob:   Cubs dominated tonight 12-7 end of 8th
   10/21 08:50  humboldt1:   my condolences sleep well
   10/21 08:34  candymanfloyd:   Taps not tips lol
   10/21 08:33  candymanfloyd:   Good night all
   10/21 08:33  candymanfloyd:   America was working and a strong country.
   10/21 08:32  candymanfloyd:   Tips was played at gf''s uncles furneral. That stole my face. Very powerful. To see that generation die "66" yrs young is history of the good old days
   10/21 08:29  candymanfloyd:   I'm glad it's over though. The little 3 yr old niece stole my heart.  
   10/21 08:29  toastdoob:   the WXmen have threatened us with cold rain and no snow later
   10/21 08:27  candymanfloyd:   Wow. I'm old. 5 and 3 yr old at the county fair    I'm ready for bed.   then the 5 yr old found 2 buddies.    what a blast.
   10/21 07:54  jsullivan:   Clear and cold East Coast H2O
   10/21 07:47  toastdoob:   Cubs are busy again tonight
   10/21 07:47  deadtrail:   It's the water!
   10/21 07:41  toastdoob:   shoutbox ruined a good joke
   10/21 07:41  jsullivan:   Definitely on the bagels DT
   10/21 07:41  toastdoob:   Gettysburg IP address ~ 2020:7  
   10/21 07:40  toastdoob:   Gettysburg IP address ~ 2020:7  
   10/21 07:06  toastdoob:   one of the few symmetrical ball fields ~ 330/385/395/385/330 feet
   10/21 06:12  deadtrail:   Best bagels are in NYC.
   10/21 06:00  toastdoob:   just slightly better then VHS  
   10/21 05:59  toastdoob:   I have a comcast crappy DTA picture so it's real fuzzy
   10/21 05:58  humboldt1:   that's larry king posted behind home in the glasses & suspenders all these games yeah?
   10/21 05:48  toastdoob:   the best bagel place in town closed up a few years ago when Gary VH died
   10/21 05:37  humboldt1:   it will be tricky finding a good bagel ifthir.
   10/21 04:49  ifthir:   and Im moving to San Francisco from Baltimore.  This is like the best few days ever  
   10/21 04:43  gr8ful george:   going to see Stevie Nicks Pretenders tour next month ..SN my wifes favorite
   10/21 04:42  gr8ful george:   just getting around to checking out fleetwood mac nashville 77 great show..thanks
   10/21 04:41  ifthir:   those P+F videos are literally my favorite shows of the last 20 years. Thanks so much to aLL involved.  
   10/21 04:40  ifthir:   any more 1970 would be dope
   10/21 04:30  dgeisler:   an 11/08/70 sbd would be dope yo'!!!
   10/21 03:35  johanfex:   he likes to make mtrx's
   10/21 02:54  andrew:   why ?
   10/21 02:31  johanfex:       
   10/21 01:55  Charlie Miller:   typo
   10/21 01:54  Charlie Miller:   Looking at stack of tapes to be transferred thinking this is going to be a good fall for @Hunterseamsons
   10/20 23:55  gofredgo:   It's a long running aviation mystery that tape restoration expertise could help solve.
   10/20 23:26  gofredgo:   He's interested in a digital transfer.  Does anyone think this is worth while?
   10/20 23:24  gofredgo:   The person who found the cockpit voice recorder brought it back to the US, and it includes a slightly damage roll of magnetic tape.
   10/20 23:23  gofredgo:   This is an interesting article:  www.outsideonline.com/2126426/whatairlines-flight-980
   10/20 23:22  gofredgo:   On New Year's Day in 1985, Eastern Air Lines Flight 980 crashed into a mountain in Bolivia.
   10/20 23:04  indydarkstar:   the announce is what is used uploading though
   10/20 23:02  indydarkstar:   could still be a utorrent issue,I dont keep up with all the problems the newer versions have

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