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   05/25 05:53  wharfratjoe:   FUNKY
   05/25 05:04  wharfratjoe:   delta nove is NOLA music
   05/25 05:04  wharfratjoe:   don't want to risk losing connectivity
   05/25 05:02  wharfratjoe:   delta nove up next @:730pm. stream will stay on with house music
   05/25 05:02  wharfratjoe:   Yes I am on the boat  on the Pacific Ocean  
   05/25 04:49  gyro:   Are you on the boat?
   05/25 04:49  gyro:   Nice, Joe.    
   05/25 04:36  wharfratjoe:   Board feed only.
   05/25 04:36  wharfratjoe:   Streaming from long beach boat cruise -http://mixlr.com/wharfrat-joe/
   05/25 04:34  gyro:   At TXR this evening, Phil rambles with Nicky Bluhm.  
   05/25 03:38  gribbs55:   weir
   05/25 00:44  poordevil:   etree.org is taking a set break again
   05/25 00:01  YYZ:   New!! Free!!! Greyboy Allstars: http://tinyurl.com/l7k6zlh  
   05/24 23:24  pbuzby:   Or they were just tired of it...I don't think any books mention why
   05/24 23:24  pbuzby:   Rider had Phil's harmony part through 74 and he stopped singing in 76 so maybe that was one reason
   05/24 23:12  gdry:   is that mentioned in any of the books?
   05/24 23:10  gdry:   Why did China Rider fall out of the rotation after the hiatus? burn out?
   05/24 22:40  gdry:   give er a good remastering first though  
   05/24 22:39  gdry:   or you can chop it up and send an incomplete copy down the pipe. .......
   05/24 22:25  meanmrkite:   
   05/24 22:12  meanmrkite:   thank ye kindLLy good LLers      
   05/24 22:00  toastdoob:   Alternate (aud) captures of GD material are OK unless it's a Dick's Picks, then it's completely official @ DIME
   05/24 21:53  wolfy73:   sounds amazing!
   05/24 21:25  gdry:   Indeed it has... and no "official tracks" removed    
   05/24 21:12  dazed64:   It's at LL now mrkite
   05/24 20:55  meanmrkite:   the pic from that show where Donna stretches out here looooooong hair in joy is priceless  
   05/24 20:54  meanmrkite:   anyone got a link for the Workingmans' tracker of this 12/29/77 new torrent?   sounds grate, one of my faves  
   05/24 19:55  indydarkstar:   he always tells the gear and zman show # at the end,I like that there is no question about the gear/location in the future
   05/24 19:52  dirtybuck:   What is Zman's 'commercial' he puts at the end of his recordings ?
   05/24 19:38  dazed64:   I like that,will give it a try  
   05/24 19:35  jmitchell:   that tends to go over a little more comfortably
   05/24 19:35  jmitchell:   a lot of us just don't really know what to say when someone thanks us, I just started saying "Welcome home."
   05/24 19:34  jmitchell:   no I get it, i know your heart is in the right place
   05/24 19:34  dazed64:   So I try to remind peeps to say a thanks whenever I can
   05/24 19:33  dazed64:   It's  always nice to Thank them when you can, i know you do a lot for that Jmitchell,I never got to thank my uncle  or grandfather,
   05/24 19:18  jmitchell:   today isn't really about thanking a Vet, it's about remembering those who are no longer with us
   05/24 19:05  dazed64:   All gave some,some gave all
   05/24 19:04  dazed64:   Regardless of your thoughts on war,Thank a Vet today....
   05/24 18:05  ZoomZoom:   Re:  DMB shows at eTree.  Yes, the list is up to date.  Including last night's show.
   05/24 17:30  arfarf:   you could be right, holiday weekend "B" team?
   05/24 17:21  tHepCat:   either that or some mod got very confused -
   05/24 17:08  arfarf:   to stand unmolested, they must have switched policies ...again
   05/24 17:07  arfarf:   hmmm, I thought Dime had been allowing audience recordings of shows that had official release...
   05/24 16:50  blueterra:    Bob Dylan  
   05/24 15:57  US Blues:   up at workingman's tracker    
   05/24 15:55  US Blues:   Why wasn't 12.29.77 here first?      
   05/24 15:52  gdry:   That "official track removed" thing is terrible... how many hack job tapes are in circulation because of that lame rule.
   05/24 15:48  indydarkstar:   
   05/24 15:46  gdry:   dont sweat it though, I bet it lands here before brunch....
   05/24 15:45  gdry:      They will allow a chop job version though!

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