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   05/01 08:11  perry:   Set list from Bon Phil Txr this afternoon per philzone
   05/01 08:10  perry:     When I Paint My Masterpiece bw  Monkey & The Engineer bw  On The Road Again bw  Dark Hollow bw  Friend of the Devil bw pl  Ripple bw pl  
   05/01 06:40  candymanfloyd:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fdeu4AZrAyE LIVE JRAD VIDEO FEED
   05/01 06:39  candymanfloyd:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fdeu4AZrAyE    JRAD VIDEO FEED LIVE
   05/01 03:57  rockinws:   very cool, thanks for posting. did he play any other tunes?
   05/01 02:15  perry:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKeQpV0vSJE
   05/01 02:14  perry:   Bobby played with Phil at TXR today  
   05/01 01:44  arfarf:   not sure how long that'll be there, I'd jump quick
   05/01 01:41  arfarf:   http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=586269
   05/01 01:41  arfarf:   That DSBD of David Lindley & El Rayo-X 1988-07-29 is up at bt.etree for those not at Dime, link2follow:
   05/01 01:35  indydarkstar:   it wouldnt just noting another issue with LL lists,thinking out loud
   05/01 01:33  jmitchell:   why would the LMA effect db.etree?
   05/01 01:07  indydarkstar:   not real sure,the identifier etc never changed that I know of.it just got a different layout for searching and such
   05/01 01:03  johanfex:   I think it's the change in LMA that causes it
   05/01 00:48  indydarkstar:   some work,some dont,maybe an LMA issue
   05/01 00:32  indydarkstar:   links to LMA was broken in LL lists yesterday,have not checked today
   05/01 00:21  norm:   btetree must be down, aLL links in LL Lists are gone
   04/30 23:34  jmitchell:   anyone else noticed that bt.etree links in db.etree aren't working?
   04/30 23:15  norm:   @Hadrian, I got you. PEACE
   04/30 23:05  Hadrian:   Thanks to whoever changed my Dire Straits post from "SBD" to "Audience." Adding a comment was all that I could do.
   04/30 23:01  jmitchell:   lets go Chicago, we need some baseball weather
   04/30 22:53  humboldt1:   the farmers market was raging when i pulled the cut and run around 11.
   04/30 22:51  G-squared:   *long
   04/30 22:50  G-squared:   iwas also at the monterey shows   1987 was awesome there too "midnight set"
   04/30 22:49  G-squared:   just got off a log phone call and now have to scoot to work, but thanks for the Mr. dave info
   04/30 22:47  humboldt1:   the shark bite plumbing fixture save the day once again. drippin wet and muddy under an 1890's building oh yeah thats how sunrise went today
   04/30 22:12  garageboy:   Sold out by day three      Got to go in and tape Lindley & Los Lobos w/Jerry sit-in
   04/30 22:12  garageboy:   Was selling tie-dyes and trying to make enough $$ to get back to Indiana and ready for Sept. East Coast shows...
   04/30 22:11  garageboy:   was psyched about the 88 Laguna shows.  Wish I had gone in early on the 1st two days to tape it
   04/30 22:10  garageboy:   Punk rock kid gave me the LP
   04/30 22:10  garageboy:   first got turned onto Lindley & El rayo-x back in the early-mid 80's
   04/30 22:10  arfarf:   yes, I see I oops-ed, but I did jump on your 1988-07-31
   04/30 22:09  garageboy:   88
   04/30 22:08  arfarf:   I saw your Mr. Dave 7-31-1989 when I was searching around here yesterday to make sure The 89 I upped wasn't already here...
   04/30 22:07  garageboy:   Always loved his version of Papa Was A Rolling Stone
   04/30 22:06  garageboy:   mine is Nak100's in hat.  
   04/30 22:06  garageboy:   DSBD
   04/30 22:06  garageboy:   The one from DAD is 1988-07-29  .. day 1
   04/30 22:05  garageboy:   That's my recording....  
   04/30 22:04  garageboy:   Laguna Seca Day Three 1988-07-31
   04/30 22:04  garageboy:   http://shnflac.net/details.php?id=3bb4466abcd4047ee9c816a16553c988e7faf566
   04/30 22:04  garageboy:   Dead opener El-Rayo-x --> DavidLindleyElRayo31.Holtz.Naks.flac16
   04/30 21:48  garageboy:   
   04/30 20:06  arfarf:   sound quaity on both is fairly equal, I might give the 89 show a slight edge but it's very close
   04/30 20:04  G-squared:   stoked to get the one you seeded. i was there and still remember some of it  
   04/30 20:02  arfarf:   that it is
   04/30 19:57  G-squared:   right. do you know if the 88 is opener from the laguna seca GD shows?
   04/30 19:55  arfarf:   nope, that was a 1988
   04/30 19:54  G-squared:   hey Arf, thanks for the Mr. Dave - is that the one from DAD yesterday?
   04/30 19:51  G-squared:   Mornin' aLL

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