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   06/26 02:27  wharfratjoe:   still looking for a Irvine OTS (if anyone comes across any: http://tinyurl.com/jckfrca
   06/26 02:22  wharfratjoe:   I NEED MORE SHOWS!        
   06/26 02:22  wharfratjoe:   well sort of i guess
   06/26 02:22  wharfratjoe:   morning...LOL!
   06/26 02:19  indydarkstar:   
   06/26 02:14  garageboy:   ok.... well, if I don't find someone local, I'll buzz up there and give it away .. ..
   06/26 02:06  indydarkstar:   he goes to everything though so I suspect he will come up with one
   06/26 02:04  indydarkstar:   I do know of someone who was looking for 1 though
   06/26 02:03  indydarkstar:   think all of our crew has tix
   06/26 02:00  garageboy:   indy, anyone need a ticket?
   06/26 02:00  indydarkstar:   
   06/26 01:52  norm:   please read my comment in 88 torrent, we need Q for the real fix
   06/26 01:42  garageboy:   I have a free Phish ticket for tomorrow Deer Creek.  lawn .. free .. and a ride to and from Bloomington, IN
   06/26 01:32  johanfex:   this works better      http://tinyurl.com/zbh55tu
   06/26 01:31  johanfex:   http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2016/06/25/13/35A6A66600000578a-60_1466858724833.jpg  
   06/25 23:33  pythagoras:   lings and rockfish - i used to fish Sitka Sound...
   06/25 23:05  jaz:   We'LL be in philly for paul simon tonight... Maybe new riders post show  
   06/25 22:58  humboldt1:   new riders are in philly tonight they running hard this month east coast go check em out if they are around
   06/25 22:57  humboldt1:   but that might be like bootsy planning a tour that never goes down. ray has serious talent but a total funkup
   06/25 22:56  stuccoholmes:   Rumor has it...Ray White, Prairie Prince...In Seattle in late summer!!!!!!
   06/25 22:54  humboldt1:   man if ray white couldve kept it together kvhw was some seriously good stuff.
   06/25 22:53  stuccoholmes:   ...It can't happen here...
   06/25 22:52  frankzappa:   it must be what that they all need....
   06/25 22:50  stuccoholmes:   One girl shouts...Let the Bandit Be...
   06/25 22:48  humboldt1:   sent mail gsquared
   06/25 22:47  humboldt1:   skywalker was one stand up dude what a way to go.  i see kerry time to time. security at mtn aire probably the highlight.
   06/25 22:46  humboldt1:   yeah there are a couple of us but i dont think they do much talking. they come out on mixlr chat every now and again but seldom.
   06/25 22:44  stuccoholmes:   But his name lives on...Michael Kenyon...The Illinois Enema Bandit
   06/25 22:42  G-squared:   any other LLeggers from behind the redwood curtain?
   06/25 22:41  G-squared:   oh yeah, i volunteered with the hilltop crew around 96. we probably know some of the same peeps.
   06/25 22:30  humboldt1:   ahh electric on the eel was so bad ass. i did security trade for a couple years cooked at reggae free music is good times
   06/25 22:27  G-squared:   never been. hear it's great. gotta work. did the pignics and electric off the eel many moons ago
   06/25 22:25  eddiegeeeee:   The Band 7-20-1976  http://tinyurl.com/jve63y9  
   06/25 22:23  humboldt1:   gots to get to the cape and load the freezer up with lings and rockfish. no kate wolf for you this weekend?
   06/25 22:22  humboldt1:   omg thursday coos bay weather report completely wrong got out there and seas turned way ugly 35 miles out
   06/25 22:20  G-squared:   hope you weren't on the ocean yeaterday hum1...jeeebus it looked nasty
   06/25 22:18  G-squared:   i was refering to Ann C
   06/25 22:15  indydarkstar:   it is going to be fun to say,hey professor,how about a darkstar  
   06/25 22:15  humboldt1:   the fonz getting ready to jump the sharks
   06/25 22:10  G-squared:   more evidence that we are an inclusive tribe
   06/25 22:07  indydarkstar:   we are everywhere  
   06/25 22:07  indydarkstar:   Hyryder keyboard player is now Director of Choral and General Music Studies at Burris Laboratory School - Ball State University  
   06/25 21:55  tHepCat:   
   06/25 21:55  tHepCat:   original Westwood One CD's ripped >> I'll double check if it's here and if not....
   06/25 21:54  tHepCat:   I've got another version of the AC DC BBC sessions with a different date - pre-FM -
   06/25 21:46  walstib68:   We Are Everywhere!>>http://tinyurl.com/gw5j8w3
   06/25 21:00  dgeisler:   oh yeah, coming down fast now
   06/25 20:55  goother:   user shnfoobar. He's the other seeder. Looks like I'm pumpin' upstream pretty well to you now
   06/25 20:51  arfarf:   http://www.shnflac.net/forum.php?action=viewtopic&topicid=12008
   06/25 20:50  arfarf:   Here's a link to the NAT fix thread:

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