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   11/28 14:26  dazed64:   Off to Rhode island to ride the Polar Express with my son,you guys have a great weekend and see ya sunday
   11/28 14:06  US Blues:   28 November: 1966; 1968; 1973; 1979; 1980        
   11/28 13:19  johanfex:   
   11/28 13:13  Billyk:   Good Morning aLL!!
   11/28 09:46  poordevil:   true for any artist if the date is unknown
   11/28 09:45  poordevil:   the db default date for unknown dates or compilations with multiple dates is ??/??/1939 = unknown date, multiple dates
   11/28 09:42  poordevil:   http://db.etree.org/lookup_show.php?shows_key=523881   named as tapersection but may be MORE than just this one found there ???
   11/28 09:40  poordevil:   or start at browse artist > GD > click the "unknown" tab, look at the compilations  
   11/28 09:39  poordevil:   http://db.etree.org/db/shows/browse/artist_key/2/year/1939
   11/28 09:38  poordevil:   there may be more than 1 entry for Tapersection, they are found looking here Joe ^
   11/28 09:35  poordevil:   it's up now
   11/28 09:09  wharfratjoe:   did u email mark?
   11/28 09:09  wharfratjoe:   is there a etree thread on taperssection poordevil?
   11/28 09:04  jackaroeRI:    delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC â also known as dronabinol), was identified in 1964 - how many knew the word dronabinol
   11/28 08:39  poordevil:   It is fully backed up so we just wait.................................................................................................................
   11/28 08:37  poordevil:   
   11/28 08:37  poordevil:   the etree db is down, all white pages,    it has always returned in the past  
   11/28 08:12  wharfratjoe:   met a LL member last night at the Belly-up, i forgot what he said his username was  
   11/28 05:52  US Blues:   In the angle of the photo it looks like Bobby has a second head growing out of his shoulder, like a weird twin...
   11/28 05:10  laptaper:   to someone you'd toss a spare dollar to if you didn't know who he was.
   11/28 05:09  laptaper:   What's disturbing is how in a very brief period (late 90's to early '00's) Bobby went from someone modeling for Hennesey's
   11/28 05:06  laptaper:   He has eyes - and no hair!
   11/28 04:51  mmoonnchild:   What makes you write that, US B?  
   11/28 04:42  US Blues:   In the photo below, the fellow behind Bobby's left shoulder is disturbing...      
   11/28 04:27  johanfex:   @ JerryRocks ........ Minor flood over at @ Dime these last days  
   11/28 03:47  Krash745:   Why don't we have any grateful turkey emoticons?
   11/28 03:46  Krash745:   Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!
   11/28 03:45  Krash745:   and would love to have it
   11/28 03:45  Krash745:   Hey I'm looking for something way off the radar ... Hogwaller Ramblers from hr2001-04-19 it's here I just need a seed saw the show
   11/28 03:30  indydarkstar:   if you dont know who danny barnes is,you should  
   11/28 03:05  JerryRocks:   Would love to see some more Sons of Champlin here at LL!  
   11/28 02:27  Bb475mmon:   Sons of Champlin flood at Dime a dozen
   11/27 23:12  wharfratjoe:   Star or Stone at the 7:15 mark listen for the Althea tease
   11/27 22:24  wharfratjoe:   time for Thanksgiving family dinner, will try to track,flac,upload later tonight
   11/27 22:24  wharfratjoe:   sample from night 2 CRB (bsc1-k11+h4n, my usual goto setup):  http://tinyurl.com/m3yyhqx
   11/27 22:22  wharfratjoe:   BSC1-K11's only
   11/27 22:22  wharfratjoe:   sample from night 1 CRB: https://copy.com/jp6t6E1NEpBVzJdD
   11/27 22:14  frazer:   http://www.shnflac.net/details.php?id=ea465fa0de6e162e895cf100e645a1e92f14a357    
   11/27 22:13  frazer:   SO MANY thanks to the 'mystery seeder' who shared George Harrison's 'All Things Must Pass' rehearsal. We'LL keep it seeding for aLL ^^^
   11/27 21:10  wharfratjoe:   5 tapers each night, very cool
   11/27 21:10  wharfratjoe:   CRB was amazing the last two nights. really tired. will share my sources soon  
   11/27 21:09  wharfratjoe:   Happy Thanksgiving aLL!
   11/27 20:49  heysteve:   
   11/27 20:39  gyro:   Thanks Albix!  
   11/27 20:39  Wharf213:   Happy TG LL
   11/27 20:37  craiggyo:   Happy Thanks giving!!
   11/27 19:53  US Blues:   andymon- and we thank you for HOCKEY!        
   11/27 19:07  andymon:   And they were all bold as love. Just ask the axis.
   11/27 19:05  andymon:   Happy Thanksgiving USA. Canada thanks you for football on a Thursday.
   11/27 18:51  laptaper:   "I want to thank the planet Earth for having us here!" Wavy Gravy, 6/21/84

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