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   12/20 20:09  schmoe75:   Berlin 90 Upgrade http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/showthread.php?t=115000
   12/20 18:49  wharfratjoe:   morning LL!
   12/20 17:51  gems:   Nice PD!!!  seed it up, youve been on a RD roll!
   12/20 17:50  gems:   reseed for me anyone please  29594  thanks in advance  
   12/20 17:50  gems:   http://www.shnflac.net/details.php?id=40b5df8cb6adb9df2857a6fdf1d921caa0c335a0
   12/20 17:46  poordevil:   was my first RD show & I have a tape of it
   12/20 17:45  poordevil:   just found a RD tape there is no source for in the DB, 11/23/98
   12/20 17:42  Jubal_H_Seamons:     
   12/20 17:02  coopertown:   if you`re from Philly area and went to the Spectrum this is a good site  http://www.rememberthespectrum.com/300/concerts.asp
   12/20 16:42  tHepCat:   Nicky Hopkins sounds a lot like Dudley Moore in "Arthur" on that one IMHO VVVV
   12/20 16:25  walstib68:     12-20-1975  
   12/20 16:18  tHepCat:   looking forward to it seaweed!
   12/20 16:14  US Blues:   20 December 1969  
   12/20 16:08  seaweed1010:   @poordevil. Crashed hard last night. Yeah I taped it, working on it now  
   12/20 15:18  luminarist:   Good Morning LL'ers
   12/20 15:16  coopertown:   saw J Geils Band in 74 and 75 at the Spectrum those were good shows they usually played around Christmas time too  
   12/20 14:25  JerryRocks:   I've seen Seger a number of times and he always puts on a good show!
   12/20 07:55  gyro:   Notehead rides again!
   12/20 07:02  poordevil:   
   12/20 07:02  poordevil:   please tell me you taped it
   12/20 07:01  poordevil:   he's always been fantastic live, one of the best I ever saw, can't wait to hear it & I know you taped it  
   12/20 06:56  seaweed1010:   J Geils and Bob Seger at MSG. Seger OWNED the Garden tonight
   12/20 06:55  wharfratjoe:   Steve the owner was so cool about it
   12/20 06:55  wharfratjoe:   it was a fun short run for me, glad i captured some shows. totally taper friendly venue too. clamp to the light bar, use a stand, didn't matter.
   12/20 06:54  wharfratjoe:   Bummed KEGSis closing Sunday, no more Rum Runners Saturday afternoon shows
   12/20 04:17  gyro:   Yep, it's Friday.
   12/20 00:42  dazed64:   
   12/19 22:51  Jubal_H_Seamons:    Seriously, thanks.             Hey, it's all good.
   12/19 22:13  Jubal_H_Seamons:    Thanks, man.                
   12/19 22:13  Jubal_H_Seamons:                     Got 'em.
   12/19 22:10  Jubal_H_Seamons:                       
   12/19 22:00  Jubal_H_Seamons:                             
   12/19 20:34  Jubal_H_Seamons:     3) If things are sounding like a million dollars, realize that you are one with the holographic universe.
   12/19 20:11  wharfratjoe:   the new mason is fantastic!
   12/19 19:19  gyro:   Darlene Love on Letterman tonight, for the last time... one of my favorite xmas TV traditions...  
   12/19 19:01  tHepCat:   
   12/19 19:01  Jubal_H_Seamons:    2) Review the matrix while stoned out of your mind on a sativa oriented hybrid, most of the time.
   12/19 19:01  tHepCat:   #2 listen back wasted?
   12/19 18:59  Jubal_H_Seamons:    There are 2 keys for making a successful matrix. 1) Mix the sources while dead sober most of the time.
   12/19 18:57  johanfex:   in the same batch  this is nowhere  & rust never sleeps ....... from what I've heard it is his pono thingy remasters
   12/19 18:55  arfarf:   "Time Fades Away" was a live album, but with all new tunes, wonder if GD shoulda done that
   12/19 18:53  arfarf:   I wonder if the "Journey Through The Past" soundtrack is next?
   12/19 18:52  arfarf:   that'll save me a vinyl rip, thanks for the heads up, johanfex
   12/19 18:18  johanfex:   Neil has finally released "Time Fades Away "     at least  as dl
   12/19 16:20  david davis:   Here Comes Sunshine 41 years ago today, first song, first Dick's Pick
   12/19 16:18  US Blues:   19 December: 1969; 1973; 1978        
   12/19 16:02  gems:   
   12/19 16:01  gems:   i transfersome, make opinions about some and basically just grease the wheels, no credit except to my enthusiasm
   12/19 16:01  gems:   huge thanks to Mason for taping [RIP], radish for being radish, jim for transfers and dazed for the track/flac
   12/19 15:56  luminarist:   Looks mighty tasty    Muchas Gracias Amigos!!  

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