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   08/04 07:54  slucas_2:   Hope y'all are having a great night!
   08/04 07:54  slucas_2:   Don't want to head down from Lexington, KY without tix.  
   08/04 07:53  slucas_2:   Would love to go but shut out thus far.
   08/04 07:53  slucas_2:   Any extras for Nashville Phish?  
   08/04 07:15  toastdoob:   or is that d@mn good - Maybe it sofa king good!  
   08/04 07:14  toastdoob:   and d*mn good sound!
   08/04 07:13  toastdoob:   http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=581351
   08/04 07:09  toastdoob:   The Billy and the Kids from 2015-08-01 has lots of Jazz is Dead influence.
   08/04 05:39  Hadrian:   @sjj2xs - Like very many around here, I'm always happy to help out!
   08/04 05:05  mdftunes:   Oakland 12-26-82 stuck at 99.9%  
   08/04 04:51  sjj2xs:   How is the 6/4/77 at the LA Forum? Is that show smokin like the three winterland shows in june?
   08/04 04:42  sjj2xs:   Ah san bernadino 77 the 1st live terrapin awesome
   08/04 04:40  sjj2xs:   Which is that?
   08/04 04:35  indydarkstar:   2-26 is one of my personal favorites and then they cranked it up a notch come may
   08/04 04:34  tHepCat:   Winterland June 1977
   08/04 04:34  tHepCat:   have the slick bits SHNID 97017 -    my notes say it's mighty fine
   08/04 04:33  sjj2xs:   love the may and june shows  especially winterland 7,8,9, 1977
   08/04 04:31  sjj2xs:   whenever i need a dead show you guys just roll out the shows that is sweet!
   08/04 04:31  indydarkstar:   may 77 was a very good time for the boys
   08/04 04:29  indydarkstar:   
   08/04 04:28  sjj2xs:   guys thanks for looking out for me  you guys are the best!!!!
   08/04 04:28  frazer:   hiya indy, AND tHepCat !!   "LL Help Line", on caLL 24/7  
   08/04 04:27  indydarkstar:   I lost 77 in my GD hard drive issues,most everything else survived
   08/04 04:27  sjj2xs:   hadrian thank you so much for seeding the show  looking forward to it
   08/04 04:26  tHepCat:   guess I better pull out the '77 external and see if I should jump on also  
   08/04 04:26  indydarkstar:   I have a brother and a sis in greater denver,overdue for a visit
   08/04 04:25  tHepCat:   he's already on it Frazer  
   08/04 04:25  frazer:   http://www.shnflac.net/deadsources.php?year=1977   scroLL down to correct date
   08/04 04:24  frazer:   check LL Lists (Dead - With Source) in right hand column, sjj2xs. We have 4 SBD sources here..
   08/04 04:24  indydarkstar:   LL lists is your friend to find sources
   08/04 04:10  sjj2xs:   Does anybody have  the 5/26/77 sbd Baltimore show ? I heard it's awesome
   08/04 04:05  tHepCat:   SW Denver myself -
   08/04 03:54  US Blues:   @dgeisler- when will you be in the High Country?
   08/04 03:23  dgeisler:   scaggs
   08/04 03:22  dgeisler:   Checking out Ry Cooder with ricky scans and Sheryl White
   08/04 03:21  dgeisler:   moving to Denver area from CLT, anyone from Denver around?
   08/04 01:34  arfarf:   this fall is starting to shape up for me, tix for Arlo, Bromberg and Jorma so far
   08/04 01:03  jaygs:   going to see Lyle Lovett and his Big Band on Friday night    
   08/04 00:24  indydarkstar:   put your gold money where your love is honey
   08/03 19:45  arfarf:   illegitimi non carborundum
   08/03 19:43  arfarf:   ...and good morning music LLovers!
   08/03 19:43  arfarf:   GOTV sources popping up at bt.etree
   08/03 18:23  Jubal_H_Seamons:     So, Grind has yet to be played, and Nashville is tomorrow. . .
   08/03 18:15  toastdoob:   of course if you can afford a team like that, you're gonna' win games
   08/03 18:15  toastdoob:   The Skankies are ahead of the O's by 6 games....
   08/03 17:52  owsleyiii:   hope aLL are weLL and have a grate/great day
   08/03 17:51  owsleyiii:   today is a good day to be a Mets fan!   8/2/15 tied for first after sweeping the Nats   Lets Go Mets!
   08/03 17:50  owsleyiii:   Harvey, de Grom and Syndergaard and a guy named Duda    
   08/03 17:43  owsleyiii:   Good Morning and fahrvergnugen to aLL
   08/03 17:41  owsleyiii:   with the grey dawn breaking here on the CO Front Range and JHS shout had to break out a little Sea Fever  

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