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   02/09 23:49  gdead78:   what's everyone puffin on today?  
   02/09 23:45  Rob Berger:   whenever i drove on tour, seemed like whenever we got to a toll booth everybody was asleep  
   02/09 23:10  arfarf:   haven't bought a ticket or payed a cover in years, if I tape they cover gas and batteries.
   02/09 23:09  arfarf:   dunno, I drive, my passengers buy my ticket
   02/09 22:59  US Blues:   ticket prices for Dead & Co. are asinine      
   02/09 22:59  humboldt1:   Camden always sucked but their paraquat dime bags were always spot on terribl
   02/09 22:57  humboldt1:   Early 80's I drove to Camden everyday after school for 12 packs then magnun pi reruns at 3 home hammied by 5
   02/09 21:43  misujry:   "Snow!?? What's that? A new chain resturant or a new sushi roll?
   02/09 21:43  misujry:   "
   02/09 21:23  shulls:   Bummed that DeadCo is playing in Camden, rather than the Mann. Camden is THE worst venue
   02/09 21:15  arfarf:   and stadiums that I suspect may be too large to fill.
   02/09 21:14  arfarf:   yeah, tour seems an odd mix of fondly remembered venues like Riverbend, Deer Creek, Alpine and SPAC...
   02/09 21:01  Bocajoe:   Selfish thought - Dead n' Co. is playing the *censored*tiest venue ever, "whatever bank pavilion" in Camden, NJ.  Was hoping for Mann shows.  Oh well.
   02/09 20:05  arfarf:   Love the new Tower Of Power icon!  
   02/09 20:00  arfarf:   Tix for both nights of Dead & Co at Alpine - handled!
   02/09 19:34  toastdoob:   snow day in Baltimore.......
   02/09 19:27  xconnolly:   The powder is a whole lot easier to handle    and the sun doesn't go away for months
   02/09 19:26  xconnolly:   Having lived in the east and midwest (west now), if you *gotta* have snow, have Colorado's
   02/09 19:13  tHepCat:   prade????    oh my
   02/09 18:41  tHepCat:   couldn't ask for nicer weather for a prade around here today though  
   02/09 18:39  tHepCat:   granted that was a bit NW of denver in the foothills - but still was measured in feet down here
   02/09 18:38  tHepCat:   try 96 inches in 3 days    
   02/09 18:29  dgeisler:   Chicago snow is wet and heavier, this powder is heaven
   02/09 18:29  dgeisler:   14 inches last week in Castle Rock, wanted 14 more
   02/09 18:26  tHepCat:   we'll see how you feel if we get a good size upslope snow storm in March - which is somewhat typical in El Niño years
   02/09 18:25  dgeisler:   love it here!!!!!!
   02/09 18:24  dgeisler:   i love this climate/weather tHepCat...winters are cake compared to chicago and almost as mild as charlotte
   02/09 18:21  tHepCat:   on the flip - it was also one pf the snowiest ever  
   02/09 18:20  tHepCat:   feb can we pleny of ups & downs around the Front Range dgeisler - last Feb was one of our warmest on record, hit the 70's -
   02/09 17:59  dgeisler:   Could Colorado get any sunnier? I think not!
   02/09 17:27  US Blues:   9 February 1973                
   02/09 17:26  US Blues:   Hey Now! Happy Mardi Gras!
   02/09 15:27  luminarist:   Good Morning LL'ers
   02/09 14:47  johanfex:   and remember to unclick that box w uppgrading  
   02/09 07:15  toastdoob:   no, I'm not Nightshifted  
   02/09 07:14  toastdoob:   thaat's what I run ~ don't let it upgrade ever
   02/09 07:13  toastdoob:   http://modsdesk.dimeadozen.org/~nightshifted/dimehelp/utorrent_2.2.1_build_25302.exe
   02/09 06:06  tHepCat:   http://tinyurl.com/qjeuyum old version link <<<
   02/09 06:06  johanfex:   search old utorrent versions
   02/09 06:05  tHepCat:   1-2 target=_blank>http://www.oldversion.com/windows/utorrent1-2
   02/09 06:03  toastdoob:   they want you to use the bloated non-conforming junque they deliver now
   02/09 06:01  toastdoob:   does anyone have the remote access package for utorrent 2.2.1 since it's unavailable on the utorrent site now?
   02/09 04:17  tHepCat:   http://tinyurl.com/jauuajv
   02/09 04:01  tHepCat:    fans MUST check out the video I just posted in the favorite toutuve thread  
   02/09 03:02  luminarist:   Muertos Locos
   02/09 02:20  funkymtn:   booo yaaaa
   02/09 01:58  tHepCat:   we need a Lombardi emoticon if we could please
   02/09 01:56  US Blues:     Once again.  
   02/09 01:41  johanfex:   would that be dead brothers band or is that too morbid ?
   02/09 01:37  arfarf:   this is an all talk station, so I'm guessing they are clueless

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