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   02/27 14:16  laptaper:   Birds.  I hear - birds.
   02/27 12:45  Billyk:   Mornin' aLL
   02/27 12:24  jsullivan:   
   02/27 05:29  arfarf:   thanks, I hadn't been to a stadium sized venue in a while
   02/27 05:21  gonearethedays:   all hard wired
   02/27 05:21  gonearethedays:   I took a close look at a couple of towers at recent festivals
   02/27 03:37  jaz:   Hard sayin not knowin'  
   02/27 03:18  arfarf:   I was thinkg wireless transmission to remote towers, maybe they aren't
   02/27 02:53  gonearethedays:   with the right splitter it might be possible to get a feed.  
   02/27 02:52  gonearethedays:   stadium sound reinforcement is usually wired.  big fat cables I do not recognize
   02/27 02:21  arfarf:   cn that be captured?
   02/27 02:20  arfarf:   I really haven't keep up with stadium sound reinforcement, but they have to be transmitting signal to remote towers...
   02/27 02:09  arfarf:   but unless someone ONLY sent for tapers, no one would really know, i'm guessing
   02/27 02:08  arfarf:   no, and I don't have the right gear for OTS anyhow - haven't heardof anyone getting taper's tix...
   02/27 02:07  wharfratjoe:   arfarf did u get taper tix?
   02/27 02:05  arfarf:   but if you give me time to change my shoes, I'll try dancing a thrash reel
   02/27 02:04  arfarf:   the green was a little too sea foam green for this Navy vet's tastes...,
   02/27 02:00  JerryRocks:   I like that one too dazed, it makes things "pop"!
   02/27 01:59  dazed64:   Damn auto correct
   02/27 01:59  dazed64:   Thrakgreen
   02/27 01:58  dazed64:   Thrash reel is the best for me
   02/27 01:57  JerryRocks:   I'm with frazer, it's shnflac for me, too!  
   02/27 01:56  JerryRocks:   KillBill is scary!  
   02/27 01:56  JerryRocks:   I never knew you could change the look!  
   02/27 01:37  poordevil:   they may not be for that, I dunno & it doesn't matter.........any     way  
   02/27 01:36  frazer:   aLL good , pd   ..& speakin' of 'friends' (1 final shout , as I've been far too vocal last coupla days)..'Gibblet ! Come Home!!'    ..  
   02/27 01:35  poordevil:   you were the 62,236th to join going by that number, I dunno HOW RIGHT those are but that is what I ws told
   02/27 01:33  poordevil:   I was the 1,314th person to join. Your User Panel - the number in that URL tells you that number
   02/27 01:32  poordevil:   "early days"     that would be from day 17 ON...at  LL...for me frazier, I was a bit slow to join  
   02/27 01:22  frazer:   got some old wishes from my early daze , but they've aLL been fulfiLLed . ( I reckon there must be some kinda 'genie' feature here somewhere)  
   02/27 01:19  poordevil:   the Wishlist is the only LL feature I don't use
   02/27 01:19  frazer:   for me?...weLL....LL just ain't LL....unless it's 'shnflac' !!!     Yessah !    (& , I even gots some friends , too !)  
   02/27 01:19  poordevil:   says:  "add to friend list" kinda small
   02/27 01:18  poordevil:   OK, it may be seen in green but it's THERE
   02/27 01:17  poordevil:   ...from their User Panel's , it's there in RED    
   02/27 01:16  poordevil:   and the Friends feature will show you who's online instantly, add people from the RED add to Friends  notice...
   02/27 01:15  poordevil:   Oh, while we are on little known things, check out the Notepad feature, I keep lots of stuff in my Notepad  
   02/27 01:14  poordevil:   I can SEE LL best with the green skin
   02/27 01:13  poordevil:   to change skins, see the tiny drop down window right UNDER the Vines tab  
   02/27 01:12  poordevil:   I have always used green skin
   02/27 01:12  poordevil:   30 pages per view on ALL views has served me well, people don't KNOW they can switch LL skins either
   02/27 01:10  frazer:   right , & gotcha ! ....but , who is this poordevil feLLow that you speak of.....?    ..                              
   02/27 01:09  poordevil:   30 seems to be just about right for all 3 places you can set the number, well, it works well for me
   02/27 01:09  poordevil:   I did mention that arfarf in the thread where it was discussed, said mine was set to 30    
   02/27 01:05  arfarf:   but if you visit threads with lotsa pix or youtube links, the 30 number poordevil didn't mention may work better
   02/27 01:05  frazer:   that has been yet another breakthrough for me as weLL , arf....!! aLL set at 50 now    So , Thank You ! , whoever you are !!    ..  
   02/27 01:05  arfarf:   that might be a better number than the 100 I set mine, same with torrents per page...
   02/27 01:04  poordevil:   it's a HUGE help at LL on every page viewed              
   02/27 01:03  poordevil:   views per page, I keep mine set to 30 for about 5 years now  
   02/27 01:03  poordevil:   I will not be here tomorrow either but you will think I am  

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