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   02/28 10:23  yokohamaj:   @billymack7: That's pretty heavy. Remember that day well. Like all of us, he must've just found out that afternoon.
   02/28 10:21  yokohamaj:   5/15/77 UJB
   02/28 07:17  billymack7:   Wharf Rat closer....
   02/28 07:11  billymack7:   http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=591541&viewcomm=687366#comm687366
   02/28 07:11  billymack7:   Bruce Hornsby 1995-08-09 up at etree... just reposted.
   02/28 06:57  indydarkstar:   2 99%'ers in a row reseeding tonight,have not seen one in a while
   02/28 06:51  poordevil:   using FF zoom level, I have LL set to size 130% so LL looks larger
   02/28 06:49  poordevil:   top right of page under "Vines" there is a drop-down window for changing skins  
   02/28 06:48  poordevil:   Iuse the green LL skin, we can change them at will, green is the easiest to read, for me  
   02/28 06:26  stuccoholmes:   @td...Thanks!
   02/28 06:26  toastdoob:   if the color choice sucks, hit CTRL-A to select aLL and change to white on blue text
   02/28 06:25  toastdoob:   Zoom in CTRL-+ Zoom out CTRL-- Return to normal CTRL-0
   02/28 06:18  toastdoob:   somebody at dead.net forgot to post today's taper's section today
   02/28 05:20  thebigwoods:   or reach for stronger glasses  
   02/28 05:19  thebigwoods:   the larger font size that's being used for Latest News is appreciated, now some of us don't have to zoom the page to read it
   02/28 04:40  chezteladog:   Gems ..no Woke Up Dead on that stream??
   02/28 04:36  Mydland_Years:   That pic from copperdome is from Silver Stadium ' 87 I'm pretty sure ...
   02/28 04:31  Mydland_Years:   Best sound bite of the day goes to Muhammad Ali's ex- wife ...
   02/28 04:03  toastdoob:   they are still rebuilding the building and can expect unwanted visitors for final work at any time
   02/28 03:43  toastdoob:   I didn't get a chance to hear the stream I captured but listening to the flac of the 'Dog right now with Mook keys  
   02/28 03:17  gems:   Thanks for listening poolguyrmb!  Always an honor to host Dead Air, around 30 year running radio show
   02/28 02:36  copperdomebodhi:   Snoid: A little past 1966, I think.
   02/28 02:35  copperdomebodhi:   Snoid: http://tinyurl.com/zow6nxg  A little past 1966, I think.
   02/28 02:26  poolguyrmb:   gems... I listened to a bit of that Ratdog stream live as you were broadcasting... glad to have a copy. Thank you and thank you CM!
   02/28 01:56  snoid:   seeing jer in sports jacket reminds me of the 1st rock band I saw Oxford Circle 9/17/66
   02/28 01:29  gems:   Tween indoor and light dep, its a blessing to no wait till harvest season, though good outdoor always wins and is worth the wait
   02/28 01:04  toastdoob:   how dry I am
   02/28 01:02  gonearethedays:   no such thing as dry season any more. younger folks have no idea what Henry is about
   02/28 00:36  david davis:   thanks for the cool Charlie  Ratdog 1997
   02/28 00:34  gems:   the bEast coast and the bEst coast  
   02/28 00:33  toastdoob:   I got nothing for this pickup
   02/28 00:33  toastdoob:   I'm on the wrong coast ~ I need Henry to bring 20 keys of gold....
   02/27 23:37  budz4ticketz:   it's tastic
   02/27 23:35  btartus:   its freakin smokey in here! cough cough lol
   02/27 22:45  humboldt1:   the old lady and the one dog as well  
   02/27 22:24  stuccoholmes:   @h1...You're clearly getting more baked than me...
   02/27 22:19  humboldt1:                 
   02/27 22:06  stuccoholmes:   
   02/27 20:28  gems:   
   02/27 19:46  Smileytime:   morning arfarf!
   02/27 19:44  arfarf:   Good morning music LLovers!
   02/27 18:27  toastdoob:   and it says it's done
   02/27 18:27  toastdoob:   downloaded 315 mb of that stream
   02/27 16:57  urbansurfer:   Forty Years Ago, the Grateful Dead Debuted “Terrapin Station”
   02/27 12:13  toastdoob:   looks like it's streaming to downloadhelper in real time ~ almost bedtime anyway.......
   02/27 10:32  gems:   there
   02/27 10:32  gems:   https://tinyurl.com/zbpnqnp
   02/27 10:32  gems:   http://www.radiofreeamerica.com/show/deadkxcicommunity-radio     Replay there..starts with local proramming
   02/27 10:31  azphil:   Tucson, Az show, 3/31/97
   02/27 10:28  gems:   just played on air, 91.3fm dead air tonite 6-9pm az time...world premiere  

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