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   07/25 06:43  gyro:   Seaweed rules. Indy rules. WharfratJoe rules.          I am not kidding.      Taperrs rule.    
   07/25 06:10  wharfratjoe:   
   07/25 05:34  laptaper:   "where my AGE matches my IQ" Q.E.D.
   07/25 05:34  laptaper:   Thanks, all you guys! And I am happy to finally be old enough where my name matches my IQ.
   07/25 04:56  poordevil:       
   07/25 04:55  indydarkstar:   new hunter sounds really nice thanks seaweed  
   07/25 03:47  wharfratjoe:   its a restaurant too with over priced entrance fees  
   07/25 03:14  frazer:   ...seemed like Hunter didn't mind tho...  
   07/25 03:13  frazer:   also for the great news re:RH...hey , but I would never consider eating & drinking (clashing knives'n'forks!) in front of a performer..
   07/25 03:12  frazer:    yep , dead right ! yo Indy..what a magic clip! I would never've found that..many thx..both now & in the future , for the heads-up  
   07/25 03:04  wharfratjoe:   u mean like this  http://tinyurl.com/k95c6yl
   07/25 01:21  frazer:    bye....    (check re-seeded shows in forum..)  
   07/25 01:20  frazer:    I'm reaLLy sorry (just don't like the the folks ta hafta copy/paste [url]http://tinyurl.com/k95c6yl[url] ..sheesh!
   07/25 01:18  frazer:    [ur]http://tinyurl.com/k95c6yl[/url]     pre-coffee post , my baaaaad !   ..  
   07/25 01:16  frazer:   t'ank ya indy..! i'll check that   & '81 Sun Ra pro-shot stiLL seedin' (just) > [ur]http://tinyurl.com/k95c6yl[/url]
   07/25 01:08  indydarkstar:   a nice video of so many roads (sorta) in the you tube forum to hold ya over,hope springs eternal
   07/25 00:54  frazer:    how I would love to see (& hear) a stream of an upcoming Hunter show !   I live in hope...  
   07/25 00:48  jaz:   Hope aLL are weLL  
   07/25 00:47  jaz:   My torrent machine is offline for a bit. Soooo there may be a bunch of reseed request in the future...
   07/25 00:43  deadtrail:   60 is the new 40
   07/25 00:37  mdftunes:   Happy Birthday laptaper ... mine's tomorrow ... for me, 60 is looking "not so young"
   07/25 00:37  wharfratjoe:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=CzImIekErZk
   07/25 00:36  wharfratjoe:   These guys r playing friday night with cubenses in long beach, ca, bring back Saturn Returns!  
   07/25 00:22  arfarf:   4 of those 5 days were over 100 degrees...parking lot was dust and thistles
   07/25 00:21  arfarf:   Alpine 88 was the year with the 100 degree temps... 4 shows stretched over 5 days...,
   07/24 23:52  wharfratjoe:    whoo hoo! happy b-day to laptaper and keo!!!  
   07/24 23:27  frazer:    !!! Happy Birthday !!! To Laptaper & Keo !    
   07/24 23:19  goother:   and lap, you can now start counting backwards, so next year you'll be 49.  
   07/24 23:18  goother:      stick a cake in a rolling paper and say happy birthday to laptaper    
   07/24 23:13  goother:       sell your geo and give the money to keo, today is his birthday, happy birthday to ya (sung to beatles)    
   07/24 23:10  goother:   but on the plus side we have berfdays in the house!  
   07/24 23:10  goother:   I've got two high school classmates,and two other acquaintences battling terminal cancer  
   07/24 23:09  goother:   Sorry to hear gems lost a brother. Many of us are getting to the age where this is gonna happen more often  
   07/24 23:08  goother:   moved to cleveland in 88,missed the 89 alpines.88 was super hot.89 was rain and mud I think.
   07/24 22:53  bross:   Everything being sold throughout the community was "ice cold":  ice cold drinks, ice cold buds, ice cold doses, etc. ha ha
   07/24 22:52  bross:   I was there, along with 99,999 others ha ha.  That is the year it was 100+ degrees the entire time i believe.
   07/24 22:51  bross:   just saw those pics below from Alpine 1989
   07/24 22:37  laptaper:   I mistakenly thought there were two The Beatles releases, kind of like The Grateful Dead (debut) and Grateful Dead (Skull#%@&.
   07/24 22:36  laptaper:   Not the White Album - the album's actually Please Please Me.  I thought it was just one of the songs listed on the cover.
   07/24 21:50  wharfratjoe:   So much more video and audio coming down the pike from local shows....whoo hoo!
   07/24 21:48  wharfratjoe:   I recorded with this guy on Saturday at Silverado Canyon  
   07/24 21:48  wharfratjoe:   Fresh of the presses, some video from Ventura,CA in April 2014...Enjoy! http://tinyurl.com/p2w8adg
   07/24 21:32  hellopeople:   Agreed. Much of their stuff is best in mono. Japanese Red Wax Mono sound very smooth.
   07/24 21:15  johanfex:   #9 is best in mono
   07/24 20:54  hellopeople:   #9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9
   07/24 20:53  hellopeople:   "the version of the White Album to have is the MFSL." OK, I'll bite. Procuring version #9.
   07/24 20:29  gofredgo:   
   07/24 20:25  johanfex:   the early Beatles are the Tube cuts
   07/24 20:24  johanfex:   the version of the White Album to have is the MFSL
   07/24 20:15  hellopeople:   Since then, I treat every day as a new adventure.

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