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   07/01 21:58  wharfratjoe:   nice safe area for rigs
   07/01 21:58  wharfratjoe:   OTS was a nice area all gated off
   07/01 21:37  sunshinedavedream:   I'll wait for a nice FOB to surface...screw the OTS
   07/01 21:17  poordevil:   @ gctaper64 > NOT in the real GD 65 - 95 db section, see link below  
   07/01 21:15  poordevil:   http://db.etree.org/db/shows/browse/artist_key/51157/year/2015
   07/01 20:19  arfarf:   ...and good afternoon music LLovers
   07/01 20:19  arfarf:   any concensus on which of the FTW SC audience pulls are the best?
   07/01 20:06  ebbet:   one day i will get the posters to match...just gotta win the lottery first    
   07/01 20:06  ebbet:   Just grabbed the mushroom man, steppenwolf lion face and the feb. 69 live dead tickets
   07/01 20:04  ebbet:   Wolfgangs Vault has some really neat vintage GD tickets on major sale today!
   07/01 19:20  gctaper64:   
   07/01 19:20  wharfratjoe:   
   07/01 19:19  Yasloch:   semantics
   07/01 19:18  gctaper64:   It's just a correct label issue to me...I will continue to fix the title once downloaded....
   07/01 19:16  Yasloch:   I don't know, I was pretty grateful
   07/01 19:15  gctaper64:   I was sure you folks over here would insist on a correct label for the FTW50 shows..GRATEFUL dead isn't it
   07/01 18:51  wharfratjoe:   
   07/01 18:42  Noogie:   Alpine especially, I love being able to put on a good apline dead show and it feels like im there
   07/01 18:42  Noogie:   I really agree. I love to feel like I'm a part ofthe crowd soaking up the ambience and particular sound of a venue
   07/01 18:38  wharfratjoe:   i will seed this here shortly: faretheewell2015-06-28.km184.dfries.flac16
   07/01 18:17  wharfratjoe:   not on etree yet AFAIK
   07/01 18:17  wharfratjoe:   feels like i am at the show, never been to jones beach, really digging this source
   07/01 18:17  wharfratjoe:   thats why i love audience records so much. i am listening to a raw version of UM and WSP from Jones beach atm a taper asked for oppinions on TS
   07/01 18:11  Noogie:   
   07/01 18:10  Noogie:   Schoeps FTW source is so nice! i agree that the sound is much more like if you were at the show live in the audience.
   07/01 16:51  Noogie:   joint:
   07/01 16:49  Noogie:   gd 1984 12 31 is so nice! perfect for wakey bakey! What fantastic sound!!!
   07/01 16:12  wharfratjoe:   i think he does the dound at TRI too, Micheal something, anyway
   07/01 16:04  wharfratjoe:   or was told to leave them down? either way i agree they need to fix it for this weekend
   07/01 16:04  wharfratjoe:   maybe he hears them in headphones?
   07/01 16:03  wharfratjoe:   GGW sound guy is doing the sound, cubensis sound guy john told me
   07/01 15:40  memphiskat:   agreed about the keys, hopefully they're listening and will up them for Chicago  
   07/01 15:37  wharfratjoe:   All sources have little to no keys/piano  
   07/01 15:37  wharfratjoe:   Morning LL
   07/01 15:19  memphiskat:   so far no FOB's, wonder how those will compare when they pop up
   07/01 15:17  memphiskat:   downloading the MiLab source and I'll give that a spin as well, we are truly blessed to have these  
   07/01 15:16  memphiskat:   compared this to the other schoeps source, hard to pick one over the other, both excellent    
   07/01 15:13  memphiskat:     Morning aLL, enjoying gd2015-06-28.mk4.jdwtyl.flac16    
   07/01 14:52  indydarkstar:   good morning LL'ers
   07/01 14:20  copperdomebodhi:   KPIX just released a 1988 Jerry interview: http://tinyurl.com/ohf8be8
   07/01 14:20  US Blues:   1 July 1973  
   07/01 14:19  copperdomebodhi:   [url=http://sfist.com/2015/05/19/long_lost_1988_jerry_garcia_intervi.php] Long Lost 1988 Jerry Garcia Interview Surfaces In San Francisco TV Studio Ar
   07/01 13:57  Bocajoe:   HUGE thank you for the Schoeps FTW source.  You'll never want to hear the video steam mix after hearing these!
   07/01 12:59  frazer:   @ memphiskat, cool pic & grate show..you guys musta had a real good time  
   07/01 12:40  poordevil:   
   07/01 11:35  duaneday:   http://shnflac.net/details.php?id=0b42c01c144c60bcb268a15161eb313dfc606dae
   07/01 11:35  duaneday:   mods - anyone care to bump this Yes torrent? (don't know how difficult that is...)
   07/01 07:05  dirtybuck:   At first listen the S.C. aud's blow away the video mix.
   07/01 06:37  memphiskat:   frazer- just seeing your comment about my pic, that was in the lot at 3 Rivers Stadium, Pittsburgh, the show from View From the Vault
   07/01 06:28  Jubal_H_Seamons:     

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