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   08/31 19:17  gems:   Love to you aLL.
   08/31 18:41  pat8track:   also black peter 6-22-73 fender rhoads piano, go keith
   08/31 18:17  tensjed:   www.freetimtyler.com/
   08/31 18:17  tensjed:   obama commutes head's insance life sentence for selling trips
   08/31 16:45  oed59049:   Good news (yesterday) frazer!  
   08/31 10:43  humboldt1:   coconut crusted rock cod deglazed in mirin and tamari with jalepeno slivers omg so grubbing tonight
   08/31 08:52  toastdoob:   
   08/31 08:51  toastdoob:   the twins ~ peat and repeat
   08/31 07:23  stuccoholmes:   Blacked my eye and kicked my dog...6-29-76 Opener...
   08/31 07:19  stuccoholmes:   Venice Beach...
   08/31 07:07  humboldt1:   stucco: u should come to humbrews nrps / edge of the west  2016.10.27 & 28
   08/31 06:57  humboldt1:   where u drive to stucco?
   08/31 06:52  toastdoob:   the O's puLLed that one out of their to win 5-3
   08/31 06:44  copperdomebodhi:   6-30-73 has a real nice Black Peter.
   08/31 05:32  stuccoholmes:   Yeah I'm a nut. Drove 800+ miles last weekend to try out my new mics...
   08/31 05:29  stuccoholmes:   WRJ I'm just outside of Sacramento
   08/31 05:18  humboldt1:   van aka "minivan" for dad? or one with shag carpet and an 8 track? please advise
   08/31 05:18  frazer:   Many thanks, kind peep's   I'm both physically & emotionally worn out & drained now. I think I can ease back a little now, move on, & chiLL out!  
   08/31 05:17  humboldt1:   my buddy noah is in a band "waylon speed" they played bearspicnic a couple years.
   08/31 05:08  toastdoob:   I took my tripod, an 8MM and a large SLA battery to A Bear's Picnic once and video'd DNB ~ I met Sirmick that time
   08/31 05:07  wharfratjoe:   fock tired, long day at work, need a nap or something
   08/31 05:06  wharfratjoe:   yeah capture but that may mean video to some and that is somethign i do not do (yet...LOL!)
   08/31 05:06  wharfratjoe:   as for dnb i would love to catch some Barn shows!
   08/31 05:05  toastdoob:   maybe we need to replace "tape" with "capture" ?
   08/31 05:05  wharfratjoe:   yeah sounds complicated eh? from what i have been told some other tapers may have made it this way
   08/31 05:05  toastdoob:   I won't catch any DNB either unless it's streamed or "taped"
   08/31 05:04  wharfratjoe:   well i emailed some taper friendly bands to see about getting something in email for a venue that may be sketch on tapers but ok if the band allows it
   08/31 05:03  wharfratjoe:   Congrats frazer!
   08/31 05:01  varitek:   Great to hear, frazer  
   08/31 04:56  wharfratjoe:   stuccoholmes: where are you located in Cali?
   08/31 04:47  humboldt1:   i wont catch any dnb doob it will be up to dead flowers lyrics next time. was g great day on the ocean whales dolphins nelsonband
   08/31 04:37  stuccoholmes:   Californians...
   08/31 04:36  stuccoholmes:   Somewhere I have an awful FM master of Drama from MSG I believe. Satellites didn't work very well for us Califorians that night.
   08/31 04:33  stuccoholmes:   And I thought I was the only guy who loves/d that album in high school. One of the best shows I ever saw!!!
   08/31 04:30  jsullivan:   Excellent news Frazer...lots of folks are smiling for    and you!  
   08/31 04:25  lesinsd:   Yes, Drama, Yes!!   ...YES, YES....
   08/31 04:16  frazer:   Hi foLLks Just got back from trip. Lucy is very much alive, & doing very well! I'll post a few details in the temp SB    
   08/31 04:16  stuccoholmes:   Two Words...The Dog
   08/31 04:07  seaweed1010:   @tHepCat. Stoniest weed I ever smoked was in Steamboat '90. Chocolate Thai
   08/31 03:48  urbansurfer:   Tracks from Dead&Co I'm diggin' - He's Gone 06/17/2016 Noblesville - Jack Straw 07/15/2016 Fenway
   08/31 03:45  stuccoholmes:   Are we talking Yes Drama?
   08/31 02:10  lesinsd:   Ack, double double....must stop at In n Out on the way I guess....  
   08/31 02:09  lesinsd:   Drama tonight at the Orpheum. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that album. Wore it out in high school.....    
   08/31 02:05  ld92287:   Hope so! I'm in pa 20 mile from a greenhouse thats applying for a permit to grow medical
   08/31 02:00  tHepCat:   if California legalizes in November (right now polls say it will pass 60% in favor) the flood gates elsewhere bound to open
   08/31 01:41  dgeisler:   it's heaven here for sho'
   08/31 01:39  ld92287:   you guys are very lucky
   08/31 01:31  tHepCat:   I enjoyed it greatly when I was up there in March  
   08/31 01:30  tHepCat:   now talking old school grass - there's a shop un in Steamboat that sells Columbian Gold - they say the owner saved a seed from wayyyy back
   08/31 01:23  US Blues:   Brand Name Ganja

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