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   11/24 04:51  tensjed:   oh yeah, its great...thus the 30 buck sacd purchase,  but the sacd mofi remaster does not blow me away like others
   11/24 04:45  Jubal_H_Seamons:   It was a holy cow. [holy cow!]   Mean cow.  [mean cow!]    Double-jaw.    [double-jaw!]      Cow.            
   11/24 04:37  Jubal_H_Seamons:   
   11/24 04:24  Jubal_H_Seamons:     Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove, don't you falter.  
   11/24 02:43  johanfex:   is not good at all , haven't seen any other
   11/24 02:43  johanfex:   the compressed dynamics doesn't apply to releases from mfsl , at least in most cases , their yes album release
   11/24 02:39  johanfex:   that band album is fantastic
   11/24 01:52  goother:   the band northern lights, southern cross! Freaking great album, love, love, love it.
   11/24 00:36  tensjed:   muddy not mofi i thinkâ¦..
   11/24 00:36  tensjed:   the band northern lights, souther cross mofi sacd also, â¦not as good (love the record) but the mofi not mind blowing like the others
   11/24 00:35  tensjed:   got the garcia grisman mofi sacd also, which is insane.  so good.  muddy waters folk singer also, great
   11/24 00:33  tensjed:   mofi sacd sounds really sweet throughout hisâ¦though not as good as vinyl would, understood
   11/24 00:32  tensjed:   i suffer here with the opp095/rotel integrated/b&w7ntsâ¦but i can assure u the am beauty
   11/24 00:32  tensjed:   Yes vinyl is better, my friend here in dc has a decent vinyl setup, but
   11/23 23:55  candymanfloyd:   45 bucks for the MOFI 2lp reissue...geeeez        
   11/23 23:46  candymanfloyd:    Grateful Dead ââ American Beauty MOFI vinyl released as well 11-14-2014 w/Gain 2⢠Ultra Analog 45RPM 180g Series
   11/23 23:32  johanfex:   while vinyl have DR 11 or so
   11/23 23:31  johanfex:   one very big part in that -- vinyl sounds best is cause CD's generally have DR below 10  often around 7 - 8
   11/23 23:28  candymanfloyd:   Vinyl all the way, now pass that herbal please.  
   11/23 23:21  Jubal_H_Seamons:     Apiculture.
   11/23 23:00  Jubal_H_Seamons:     The Big Bang was the most highly ordered moment in the universe.
   11/23 22:58  Jubal_H_Seamons:     Due to entropy.
   11/23 22:21  Jubal_H_Seamons:   
   11/23 22:20  Jubal_H_Seamons:    Vinyl is the best sound. Digital DOES get worse after some time because your sound system AND your ears are gradually deteriorating.  
   11/23 22:02  humboldt1:   vinyl sounds best for sure, for me anyhow
   11/23 22:01  drewberry1:   FYI: http://www.mofi.com/
   11/23 20:26  johanfex:   yeah on dvd-a  workingman's sound good in stereo  they were remixes
   11/23 20:26  SunshineDel:   also included hirez
   11/23 20:24  SunshineDel:   Mickey Hart did a 5.1 Mix of Amarican Beauty & Workingman's Dead in 2001
   11/23 19:32  johanfex:   mfsl vinyl  
   11/23 19:31  johanfex:   the old mfsl of American Beauty  is the best one I've ....... so the new and workingman's should be worth checking out Live.Dead also comes as
   11/23 18:33  US Blues:   Workingman's Dead as well, both are also out on 45 RPM vinyl    
   11/23 18:13  dgeisler:   @tensjed,  did that just get released? I collects MFSL's and japan shm's
   11/23 17:42  tensjed:   audiophile heads...i just got the mobile fidelity american beauty sacd....very nice
   11/23 17:36  mdftunes:   wolfson - Georgetown audience from 10-23-1970      
   11/23 17:32  goother:   Much appreciated though. Can't wait to hear your pull,actually haven't heard any phil phriends recently
   11/23 17:31  goother:   you are most welcome my friend.Glad to be able to help.I have been meaning to pm ya, that envelope that came in the mail was totally unnecessary.
   11/23 16:50  candymanfloyd:    Log Cabin Boys!!!    11-23-1986   Did the band recorded everything?
   11/23 16:46  macdoogle:   big thanks to goother for my 1st set 100 min master from phil & friends last night>THANK YOU        
   11/23 16:30  indydarkstar:   good morning LL'ers
   11/23 16:09  owsleyiii:   Good Morning and fahrvergnugen to aLL enJOY yer SUNday and have a grate/great day
   11/23 15:50  coopertown:   fum times for sure
   11/23 15:50  coopertown:   i had just seen them on the 21st in Rochester logged a lot of miles that week
   11/23 15:48  coopertown:   drove down from Pa we had a Thanksgiving Capon dinner at my friends Aunt and Uncle`s house in Maryland
   11/23 15:48  walstib68:   Log Cabin Boys!!!    11-23-1986  
   11/23 15:47  coopertown:   a few  
   11/23 15:46  US Blues:   @coopertown- you were at all the best shows      
   11/23 15:45  coopertown:   11/23/78 i was there it was a great Thanksgiving for sure
   11/23 14:46  luminarist:   Hiya Billyk
   11/23 14:45  luminarist:   Good Morning LL'ers

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