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   01/30 15:36  memphiskat:     JGB 1976-11-15 just getting to this...  
   01/30 15:03  owsleyiii:   Good Morning to aLL have a grate/great day
   01/30 15:02  goother:   that is why you are DA MAN P.D.    We appreciate all you do around here.  
   01/30 15:02  owsleyiii:   and some Freak Brothers emoticons    Fat Freddy, Phineas T. Freak, Freewheelin' Franklin and Fat Freddy's Cat
   01/30 14:44  poordevil:   it's been 10 years of saving the files I get here as data, I  could back up more than HALF the site  if need be.  
   01/30 14:42  poordevil:   I'd say 99.9% of all that I have archived as data on some type of hard disc, either dvd's or blue ray discs, + 7 hard drives
   01/30 14:40  poordevil:   my dnl torrents stats show 14,539...& there WERE another 2000 or so that I got here pre NAB list & server crash
   01/30 08:20  Jubal_H_Seamons:       http://tinyurl.com/pejddke
   01/30 07:32  wharfratjoe:   tracking cubensis sets
   01/30 07:28  wharfratjoe:   Fresh transfer https://archive.org/details/quactus2014-12-31.sbd-m30mp-bsc1k11.wharfratjoe_bender.flac16
   01/30 06:53  deadrat:   maybe a donut - dough
   01/30 06:51  wharfratjoe:   
   01/30 06:43  deadrat:   can somebody get an ice cream kid emoticon for general users at LL?  
   01/30 06:04  wharfratjoe:   phil 1968 show tonight
   01/30 05:46  mrnym:   Santana concert @ Las Vegas House of Blues streaming at 810pm PST: https://screen.yahoo.com/live/event/santana
   01/30 05:31  wharfratjoe:   Tracking tonight oh and will post GGW streams when i find them for the this Cali tour
   01/30 05:01  deadrat:   also try to DL only one torrent at a time  
   01/30 05:00  deadrat:   also finish off almost done torrents before starting new torrents
   01/30 04:56  deadrat:   also get rid of the NATs trying to seed to NATs would be  
   01/30 04:53  deadrat:   empty seeds and seeds wanted
   01/30 04:53  deadrat:   My answer to the poll is exactly these issues:
   01/30 04:13  poordevil:   really, there isn't
   01/30 04:13  poordevil:   no need to leave them open at LL, none
   01/30 04:10  poordevil:   Empty Seeders: 4093:  close em out if nobody is there to download from you
   01/30 03:41  gonearethedays:   talk about a proud papa
   01/30 03:41  gonearethedays:   Dave's picks 13 artwork by Willie Nelsons son Micah.  Willie has another son playing with Neil Young
   01/30 02:23  jaz:   6 degrees is the average 10 day temp in my neck of the woods
   01/30 02:20  US Blues:   My Oh My!  
   01/30 01:40  arfarf:   I want to say there was some special stuff played on those fund drives still not in circulation
   01/30 01:10  gsarchivist:   mostly DAT and a cassette or two.  All for our radio show special fund drive programs back in the day..  
   01/30 00:53  jim wise:   gs ... did he send you DAT , or Cassette , or both?
   01/30 00:50  greendude:   please do!  
   01/30 00:44  gsarchivist:   i do want to retransfer some of the tapes dick sent me as well...
   01/30 00:07  jim wise:   not sure exactly, but it's my own transfer from Dicks cassettes...
   01/29 23:31  gdry:   How does the source differ from whats already in circulation?
   01/29 23:29  jim wise:   it's really good show
   01/29 23:28  gdry:   thx for update, looking forward to it!
   01/29 23:28  jim wise:   6-5-70  a week or so down the road
   01/29 23:27  gdry:   Jim Wise- Hows the 6-5-70 upgrade coming?
   01/29 23:26  jim wise:   gems ..i'll try to get out what exists from 11/12 & 11/13/76 asap - beware they are even more fragmented with missing reels
   01/29 21:26  david davis:   tThanks for the Taper Sections, playing them random sound like flacs
   01/29 21:22  gems:   
   01/29 21:04  arfarf:   Latest Mason Taylor, Robert Hunter 5-8-81 Late show, now up
   01/29 20:57  gems:   time 3 in 2 days for me on the 11 15 76, i just cant stop  
   01/29 20:48  ld92287:   Soundcheck Jam off  So Many Roads playin' right now
   01/29 20:42  ld92287:   Is there anything more beautiful than the Grateful Dead?
   01/29 20:40  ld92287:   There's a set 2 only audience unknown on LMA.
   01/29 20:28  jim wise:   yes it is...does  Ohr's 7/5/81 set # two circulate? it's amazing
   01/29 20:13  frolfer:   
   01/29 20:12  frolfer:   1981-07-05 Shakedown

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