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   11/29 10:56  deaded:   NIIIIIICE artwork for that Dead & Co show!  Wish I could have attended.
   11/29 08:41  perry:   does Billy K only own one hat?
   11/29 07:51  gems:   azphil i think is running again tonight, last night he got a nice nak300 puLL
   11/29 07:48  lvrwm:   Don't see any mic stands up at this show?
   11/29 07:43  lvrwm:   Closed 1st Set with One More Sat Nightð
   11/29 07:15  guest5:   https://www.periscope.tv/w/1BdGYBRoNbYJX Dead and Company Livestream from Vegas
   11/29 06:40  JerryRocks:   There have been four or five nice Mountain shows at TTD of late.  
   11/29 05:14  candymanfloyd:   I didn't see Mountain at the DIME, only found some at traders den...1971-06-28
   11/29 04:40  larry28409:   side 2 of Flowers of Evil   'Dream Sequence' incredible still to this very day
   11/29 04:36  larry28409:   whoopsie on the repeats
   11/29 04:36  larry28409:   "made loud to be played loud"  
   11/29 04:35  larry28409:   there's been some mighty fine Mountain over at dime   dreams of milk and honey lit my fuse
   11/28 23:57  arfarf:   the heck with it, I'll up it now and call for clean up on aisle arf later
   11/28 23:35  wharfratjoe:   Doors tribute, good stuff
   11/28 23:35  wharfratjoe:   Streaming Strange days at 2pm and 4pm pacific. Link is in streaming  forum thread
   11/28 23:15  arfarf:   oops, I just botched a shnid application, info file needs to be replaced, any suggestions?
   11/28 23:11  mannshands:   Dead and Co.? 1st I heard of this, need to check it out. Interesting choice for lead player...
   11/28 23:10  indydarkstar:   loading up another batch for ya  
   11/28 22:48  wolfy73:   i appreciate all the help with bill monroe!  only 70 more shows to go!
   11/28 22:05  gems:   Mr. PhiLLip Chapman LLesh   "grate bass, LLesh fiLLing"
   11/28 22:03  gems:   12 6 73 Dark Star aLLways reveals something new, absorbing it into my DNA once again
   11/28 22:01  garageboy:   
   11/28 21:05  candymanfloyd:   I agree wharfratjoe. Killer music. In my opinion....Better than Dead & Co.      
   11/28 20:28  gems:   wonderin' how long itd take ya to git it
   11/28 20:19  wharfratjoe:   Funny gems    yeah coffee needed
   11/28 19:46  seaweed1010:   Q104.3 top 1,043 song countdown. #369 Scarlet Begonias, #368 Soulshine
   11/28 19:46  gems:   Joe's Almost Russo Dead
   11/28 19:45  wharfratjoe:   we should bring all the JARD sources to LL (yes seriously, maybe after Dead and Co project)
   11/28 19:44  wharfratjoe:   https://archive.org/details/jrad2015-11-27.Schoeps.mk41v.sxr4.flac16
   11/28 19:20  wharfratjoe:   Wonderful new JRAD source by And y Murray on LMA!
   11/28 18:46  gems:     Each day is a gift.  the Present is our Now.                                                                                   is aLL
   11/28 18:19  tHepCat:   Howdy Howdy Neighbor indeed!  
   11/28 16:49  indydarkstar:   good morning LL'ers  now reseeding a gravy boatload of bill monroe
   11/28 16:46  bhndblueeyes:   Good morning aLL  
   11/28 16:32  candymanfloyd:   Happy Sat. Heading back to 1980-11-28 - Lakeland Civic Center - Lakeland, FL
   11/28 14:02  US Blues:   28 November 1973- Palace of Fine Arts, SF        
   11/28 09:05  arfarf:   
   11/28 09:05  arfarf:   drums, and I'm out from CST - best to aLL! ;band;
   11/28 08:52  arfarf:   St. Stephen
   11/28 08:52  arfarf:   that stream died, sorry, spotty relacement stream: http://mixlr.com/watergirlsmusicfolife/
   11/28 08:36  arfarf:   Let It Grow
   11/28 08:24  arfarf:   Dark Star >Playin' PITB just started
   11/28 08:08  azphil:   Am now DFC rear of sbd area - hoping for the best
   11/28 08:07  azphil:   Am now DFC rear of sbd are
   11/28 08:02  arfarf:   set 2 Dark Star opener
   11/28 07:32  arfarf:   streamer sez he's gonna run out of battery by drumz - prolly won't be up that late anyhow
   11/28 07:21  humboldt1:   technology way cool
   11/28 07:19  arfarf:   Set I (7:58 PT) Shakedown> Uncle John'S Band> Althea> Jack Straw Row Jimmy Black Throated Wind Casey Jones (Setbreak 9:07)
   11/28 07:18  arfarf:   setbreak, streamer offline to conserve smart phone battery
   11/28 06:10  arfarf:   Shakedown Street opener

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