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   05/05 19:33  arfarf:   thomas?
   05/05 19:33  karajan1x:   dylan
   05/05 19:31  arfarf:   an st5 sort of takes the place of a .wav md5, as an st5 checks the resultant wav file of flac or shn
   05/05 19:30  gdry:   those are usually ones from LMA.
   05/05 19:28  gdry:   i was wondering why I had stuff failing until I figured that one out.
   05/05 19:28  gdry:   sometimes i run into checksums on non-existant wav files.
   05/05 19:26  arfarf:   I don't use them, I use md5, ffp and usually st5 checksums
   05/05 19:24  gdry:   probably obsolete for me since I dont burn cd's.
   05/05 19:22  arfarf:   maybe for cross checking running times between two sources, could help determine if two sources are the same or not
   05/05 19:21  gdry:   ahha i see it there on 9/20/90
   05/05 19:20  gdry:   so unless your doing wav. they are of no value.
   05/05 19:19  arfarf:   check one of Charlie Miller's text files for an example, and some of this is guesswork on my part
   05/05 19:19  gdry:   ive wondered since they are all generic, not specifically labelled with  a date or something.
   05/05 19:19  arfarf:   I want to say it displays the size and running times of the resultant wav file from flac or shn
   05/05 19:15  arfarf:   don't have a good answer, but I know it's not just for shn files
   05/05 19:01  gdry:   quick question.... what is a "shntool" file? A different type of checksum for just shns?
   05/05 18:21  pythagoras:   cold rain and snow....valentines day '86...goin where those chilly winds don't blow
   05/05 18:17  gdry:   I bet I sent one out to a few of you guys in the back of relix.
   05/05 18:15  gdry:   not "Tape Tracker For Windows" either.... I was too cheap to buy that one.
   05/05 18:13  gdry:   Its kind of burned in my brain... I still keep a "tape list" too.  
   05/05 18:11  gdry:   12/8/73 right now... flac of course but I can visualize my crusty old maxells....
   05/05 18:09  gdry:   Why does listening to 73 dead make me feel all warm inside thinking about my old cassettes?
   05/05 18:08  US Blues:   Cool Colorado Rain this morning in the Republic  
   05/05 17:27  wharfratjoe:   I will look into it
   05/05 17:26  wharfratjoe:   sweet_music_maker, TU!
   05/05 16:44  drkstr69:   Agreed--one of my favorite shows attended. Calling Dr. Miller!  
   05/05 16:21  seaweed1010:   Listened to 5-5-81 for the millionth time a few days ago. Yes we need a SBD! Epic!!
   05/05 16:15  Michael Sims:   I'm still hoping for the board of 5/5/81 to be made available!
   05/05 16:15  owsleyiii:   Feliz Cinco de Mayo          
   05/05 15:58  US Blues:   5 May: 1967; 1977; 1981; 1990    Happy Cinco de Mayo!!          
   05/05 15:21  lostmyradio:   HI HO
   05/05 15:21  lostmyradio:   SILVER
   05/05 15:19  poordevil:   It's Cinco de Mayo day  
   05/05 15:18  copperdomebodhi:   Game of Thrones link: http://preview.tinyurl.com/ptyyecs
   05/05 15:17  copperdomebodhi:   Try that again: http://www.businessinsider.com/gratefulonthrones-2015-5
   05/05 15:17  copperdomebodhi:   Game of Thrones is full of GD references: onthrones-2015-5 target=_blank>http://www.businessinsider.com/gratefulonthrones-2015-5
   05/05 15:03  gonearethedays:   38 Years ago today my first show and only St Stephen  wow 38 years!
   05/05 14:40  sweet_music_maker:   at WRJ:  waves - z-noise or isotope repair suite plugins
   05/05 14:18  hulls:   That was fun last evening at the movies! Nice Space>Other One>Wheel>Dew...
   05/05 09:35  wharfratjoe:   this is why i do not connect my cell phone directly to my preamp to stream any shows anymore using the busmans...sucks
   05/05 09:35  wharfratjoe:   if not i removed the two minutes its there on And It Stoned Me from a Rum Runners show
   05/05 09:34  wharfratjoe:   fockin' annoying
   05/05 09:33  wharfratjoe:   anyone now how to remove a cell phpne text msg "thump" sound from  a recording?
   05/05 06:32  Jubal_H_Seamons:   Car got stuck in the mud, among other things.
   05/05 06:32  Jubal_H_Seamons:   My oldest bro went to this show, 7/19/89, and does not recall whether making it in.
   05/05 06:27  thebigwoods:   my girls grew up enthralled with The Reel in the Flickering Light
   05/05 06:14  dewme:   I'd also like to thank the nice woman who gave me a free ticket in Boston tonight.
   05/05 05:55  billtmcdee:   I was there! Really nice to relive the whole thing. I remember during Deal the guy behind me was wrapped in a blanket sound asleep!
   05/05 05:45  frolfer:   drumz > other one > wheel > dew was especially nice!!
   05/05 05:35  indydarkstar:   report from the movies        50 foot phil!!

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