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   10/22 22:49  goother:   I have about 6 xl II 90's and one xl II 100 unopened. You can have 'em if you want 'em
   10/22 21:40  macdoogle:   anyone out there w/ blank cassettes/100's or 110 min>in need for phil 2nd sets thanks  
   10/22 21:34  Jubal_H_Seamons:   Everybody had a wet dream, everybody saw the sunshine    
   10/22 21:28  gems:   August 27, 1980 set 2 only mason master transferred today
   10/22 20:43  gbromgard:   im stuck at 98%
   10/22 20:43  gbromgard:   does anyone have gov't mule 10/31/2009?????
   10/22 20:07  arfarf:   not counting FOB's
   10/22 20:06  arfarf:   so likely there are more than 30 discrete audience recordings
   10/22 20:05  arfarf:   note that most mike stands supported multiple recorders, and often multiple mike pairs
   10/22 19:55  poordevil:   that leaves 24 sources we don't have -   maybe someday
   10/22 19:46  poordevil:   3 auds for the first night at the lama.........still not many of 30 tapers
   10/22 19:46  gems:   long time it took for now 4 real ddiffernt sources of over 30+ mic stands, i stood in em  
   10/22 19:45  gems:   havent seen those two new for 12 -6..i dont count 10381 and forgot darby just seeded his
   10/22 19:43  poordevil:   http://db.etree.org/lookup_show.php?shows_key=2078
   10/22 19:42  poordevil:   "1992 dead show in az over 30 stands, one aud circulates"  there are 6 auds at the Lama
   10/22 19:01  wharfratjoe:   yay, 1tb jazz hd found its next home...
   10/22 18:50  gems:   these tapers are our last hope.. 1992 dead show in az over 30 stands, one aud circulates
   10/22 18:45  arfarf:   most have only gotten to the stand alone CD recorder stage at best
   10/22 18:43  arfarf:   There sure are a lot of tapers out there that never made the leap into digital...
   10/22 18:32  wharfratjoe:   been helping some tapers on facebook get their sources out there  
   10/22 18:29  seaweed1010:   26+ min Elizabeth Reed to end the first of the last Beacon shows last night
   10/22 18:04  gems:   nice Joe, eager to hear.. CR came out with panic the other day, pretty cool
   10/22 18:03  wharfratjoe:   directly from the taper  
   10/22 17:59  wharfratjoe:   man this CRB show is nice!, i have the mp3's atm, flacs coming soon,  
   10/22 17:54  4dancinbears:   
   10/22 16:31  gems:                                                                                                                         
   10/22 15:41  US Blues:   22 October: 1971; 1978!    
   10/22 15:36  Brad125:   D/L'd Garcia Live Vol 5 last night. Sweeet!  
   10/22 13:39  luminarist:   Good Morning LL'ers
   10/22 12:44  Billyk:   Hey Now Good Morning!
   10/22 08:03  greendude:   search and find!  
   10/22 07:52  greendude:   GarciaLive Vol 5 Is Most Supreme!  
   10/22 06:58  greendude:   
   10/22 06:50  greendude:   thanks buckaroo!  
   10/22 06:33  jimmy j:   Thank you
   10/22 06:06  wharfratjoe:   crb October 16, 2014 coming soon
   10/22 05:51  buckaroobonzai:   got it, greendude
   10/22 05:45  spirallightofvenus:   so true to say that "Mother of all bass players is from KC"
   10/22 05:44  spirallightofvenus:   would like to point out that Phil Lesh's mom grew up in #KCMO.
   10/22 04:05  greendude:   http://www.shnflac.net/details.php?id=1f9e6d5164991c3e7eb168471974551385554e47
   10/22 04:05  greendude:   Please delete this torrent
   10/22 01:52  billtmcdee:   3 24 87 Terrrrrrr--apin!!!!!!!
   10/22 01:25  bohareft:   thanks poordevil.....LLove this place!!
   10/22 00:51  poordevil:   reseeding the 2 dvds of 3-24-87..........if you need them, jump on. See forums block.  
   10/21 23:52  seaweed1010:   Beginning of the end for the Allmans. In for the first show tonight and the last next Tues
   10/21 23:21  jhc1950:   Hoffheinz show is a monumental show!
   10/21 22:55  meanmrkite:   agree there, jackaroeRI.  I saw a goodly handful as well.  Brent had a lot to give
   10/21 21:36  jackaroeRI:   Blow Away just got better and better. I was surprised to see how few were played bc I saw 6
   10/21 19:58  Mydland_Years:   Baby who's to say it could have been different now that it's done ...  
   10/21 16:18  gems:    headwest

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