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File Name:jg70-tarot-music.flacf      101c11a0d10d38f20bfaf694a150a7ad2174877b
Added:03/19/16 - 11:17:05 - rumrunners - 53.83 MB
Details:Jerry Garcia Band   Multiple Artists   etree   etree-md5   etree-txt   etree-cmt   base --
Staff Comment:E - Bumped For JG 70 Revisit, Originally Added 10-19-11
Description:Tarot Music: Garcia, Lesh, Constanten, Hart, Greene

unkn cassette gen from late 70s trade > Pioneer CT-F1000 > sony pcm-r700 > sbm 44k > delta dio 2496 > cooledit200 > levels raised > shn > wav > flac

4 tracks are instrumental songs (11:22 = 1:57 + 3:52 + 1:18 + 4:14)

first song sounds like it has Jerry on pedal steel and accompanying acoustic guitar and violin and maybe more

This is not the Tarot Outtakes filler on this:

Tom Constanten site lists playings:
and has Richard Greene only on a 1970 Pacific High Recorders Tarot Demo Session which does not mention Garcia but that is how the date was chosen for this

I did internet searches and checked at losslesslegs forum if someone had more information or a copy with known lineage but none has emerged. I was not near the top of the cassette trading order, so I always expected a better version circulated. There was always at least a friend between me and whoever they got their stuff from. But maybe if this is out there now someone can top it.

The cassette was titled "Old Dead". The full cassette tape contents are:

'Tarot Music: Garcia, Lesh, Constanten, Hart, Greene' 1-4 Mother Mcree Uptown Jug Band, Tangent 1964:  5 boo break,  6 I'm Satisfied with My gal,  7 The Rub  Warlocks: Wrecking Crew 1965: 8 Early Morning Rain  Fillmore 2/12/67  9 Smokestack Lightning,  10 Cold Rain & Snow,  11 High Heeled Sneakers  Singles 12 Stealin 13 Don't Ease Me In,  Warlocks 11/3/65 Autumn Records: 14  I Can't Come Down,  15  Confusions Prince (MindBender) 16  Only Time is Now 17 Caution, 18 I Know You Rider, 19 Early Morning Rain; Jerry & Sara Garcia: Palo Alto 1964 20-21 Unknown PigPen 22 John Henry 23 Hoochie Coochie Man

=== md5 for: jg70-tarot-music.flacf
4588f25b7a612279434784258b3e9043  jg70-tarot-music-t01.flac
2afcf7df9adf249494bb4e7a3d875925  jg70-tarot-music-t02.flac
f1da8382ca862847697f8b4e2a1da375  jg70-tarot-music-t03.flac
33844ecfbc7ceefbb5ee6a9857256df4  jg70-tarot-music-t04.flac
5b4fe8e9f9895a6ece1e33e91730d13e  jg70-tarot-music.flacf.ffp
fb63c9c2f87d99dbd2798ea2d2dc8f18  jg70-tarot-music.flacf.md5
=== flac fingerprint for: jg70-tarot-music.flacf
=== shntool len for: jg70-tarot-music.flacf
   length     expanded size    cdr  WAVE problems  fmt   ratio  filename
    1:57.02       20643768 B   -b-   --   ---xx   flac  0.4670  jg70-tarot-music-t01.flac
    3:52.20       40972728 B   -b-   --   ---xx   flac  0.4877  jg70-tarot-music-t02.flac
    1:18.50       13876844 B   ---   --   ---xx   flac  0.4619  jg70-tarot-music-t03.flac
    4:14.63       44953908 B   -b-   --   ---xx   flac  0.4540  jg70-tarot-music-t04.flac
   11:22.60      120447248 B                            0.4686  (4 files)

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