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   02/26 07:47  toastdoob:   only if they change to DVB-T format from the crap they use now
   02/26 07:47  toastdoob:   I wonder if ATSC 3.0 wiLL be better
   02/26 07:46  toastdoob:   I hate windy nights ~ ATSC video just breaks up evey time the wind blows ~ missed Carmac statements due to break ups
   02/26 06:30  luminarist:   cooLL too
   02/26 06:29  luminarist:   coLL. Jerry plaing on 'Idiot Wind' ! how cool is that!?!  
   02/26 06:03  normal:   that makes it Jerry related for me, if someone brings it here I say OK
   02/26 06:01  luminarist:   beauty! thanks for the heads up!
   02/26 05:18  yokohamaj:   Up at Dime now >  Bob Dylan 1992-05-05 Warfield Theater SF Jerry Garcia guest (LB-41) shnf
   02/26 04:22  ifthir:   and text file is also updated, I wiLL blame the 3am release  
   02/26 04:22  ifthir:   should be rocking either way now
   02/26 04:21  ifthir:   I had to force client to force it, I've uploaded 177gb elsewhere since Feb1 via torrent so dont think its me
   02/26 04:21  ifthir:   toastdoob the DMB torrent is only an issue for me here at LL
   02/26 03:58  goother:   johan, arf, I am a leecher from another dementia.     Glad that worked gbromgard, you can export your bookmark/faves to a file as a backup
   02/26 03:41  gbromgard:   to whomever helped find the homejammin soundboard site I lost by saying "hit Crtl and H"...Thank you!!!! It worked!
   02/26 02:36  gems:   fyi Ratdog does an awesome arrangement of the great willie dixon's howlin for my baby, yep they do
   02/26 01:48  gems:   and zero ads...i have no affiliation, just like things 'that work'.
   02/26 01:47  gems:   yep, no nat issues, and torrent creation seems to work and not give a 0 seeds 1 leecher issue that some clients do at LL
   02/26 01:42  memphiskat:   get with utorrent
   02/26 01:42  memphiskat:   thanks gems    just downloaded qbittorrent and downloaded a torrent, appears to give me much greater download speed then what I was able to
   02/26 01:04  gems:   use qbittorrent, all issues resolved
   02/26 00:58  johanfex:   probably a leecher from another dimention  
   02/26 00:52  arfarf:   I have "-1" leechers on my latest Hunter up ?????  (wouldn't that be a seeder? lol)
   02/26 00:50  arfarf:   shoulda read 1.6.5, not .4, oops
   02/26 00:50  arfarf:   yep, utorrent 1.6.4, 1.8.5 still work fine, but I think 2.2.1 is the latest version before utorrent went off the rails with bloatware, etc
   02/26 00:48  toastdoob:   utorrent 2.2.1-25302
   02/26 00:44  Hadrian:   For some reason, my ANCIENT 1.8.4 version of utorrent still works great: very fast uploading. I don't know why...but I like it!  
   02/26 00:10  indydarkstar:   thanks for the hunter arf
   02/25 23:31  toastdoob:   the DMB seeder is using utorrent 3.1.3 ~ might be why it's not working
   02/25 22:22  humboldt1:   Suggested next potential poll?:   How many Jerry Band shows did you attend?        
   02/25 22:13  dazed64:   eventually he should see it....  
   02/25 22:12  dazed64:   looks like to me the seeder never started Pat8track,probably a setting.happens...
   02/25 22:06  pat8track:   new dmb is not downloading, just me or others too?
   02/25 21:50  seaweed1010:   Good eye gems. Missed Healy at Dime first go around. Just grabbed it and brought it here.
   02/25 21:42  JayH:   Thanks for the seed on gd87-10-04sbd. That was quick  
   02/25 21:20  copperdomebodhi:   AMC Theaters and Bowtie Cinemas both listing "The Grateful Dead Movie (40th Anniversary)" without show dates or times. This year's meet-up?
   02/25 20:53  gems:   http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details.php?id=585012  healy interview 1980, new to me
   02/25 20:42  buckaroobonzai:                                       
   02/25 20:21  goother:   thanks to whomever topped me off on the 9.22.88 tobin 133697. You guys rock.  
   02/25 19:48  Jubal_H_Seamons:   CM, PM sent.  
   02/25 19:46  candymanfloyd:   Good morning folks from a windy S.C. enjoying 2-25-66 show. Surf guitar Garcia
   02/25 19:40  luminarist:   Good Morning LL'ers    
   02/25 19:06  eddiegeeeee:     LOVE IS ALL YA NEED  
   02/25 18:41  eddiegeeeee:     HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEORGE  
   02/25 18:39  eddiegeeeee:      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDEi565bWTE&sns=em    
   02/25 18:31  eddiegeeeee:   Marwa Blues  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJACRzv0vgM&sns=em
   02/25 18:19  eddiegeeeee:   ...the soul does not love, it is love itself...  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0AyDsTdVC0&sns=em
   02/25 18:13  jerrylives2000:   70 outside yesterday, Its snowing Hard here this morning
   02/25 18:02  eddiegeeeee:   ...remember now...be here now...  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJjFzQHDA0k&sns=em
   02/25 17:49  eddiegeeeee:   ...it only takes time til love comes to everyone...  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0TYV-Hc9Tg&sns=em  
   02/25 17:32  JerryRocks:   

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