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   01/19 00:26  lostmyradio:   thanks last word was an upload and the sea bed riseing hope all is well 4 him  
   01/18 23:23  arfarf:   frazer hasn't been around, here or anywhere I frequent online, since early December
   01/18 23:08  humboldt1:   i kind of remember he said he was going away for a month or two can anyone confirm (or disconfirm)
   01/18 23:01  lostmyradio:   Art gems has anyone heard from Frazier Recently?
   01/18 22:16  toastdoob:   I'd like some regular old blue dream
   01/18 22:07  arfarf:   ...nd the "year of the upgrade" continues!  
   01/18 22:06  arfarf:   Good morning feLLow members of this joy based archival community!  
   01/18 21:39  btartus:   JG 9-24-71 playing in Foobar. sounds amazing! wow!
   01/18 21:36  btartus:   getting decoder error on complete early show JG 9-24-1971. using old winamp. files dont play. works in foobar
   01/18 20:57  stringbeans:   
   01/18 19:53  gems:   Are we spoiled when we have 'regular old blue dream, organic certified' at 20%?
   01/18 19:42  gems:   More water for California.   This is great
   01/18 19:32  dgeisler:   Reichman, sorry
   01/18 19:30  gems:   Nope see forums
   01/18 19:30  dgeisler:   yeah the Minkin stuff?
   01/18 19:29  gems:   Referencing a new book of images of the show forthcoming
   01/18 19:26  dgeisler:   i'm curious what that would look like?  just the digits 5-08-77 ?
   01/18 19:07  gems:   Suppose a 5 8 77 tattoo would be pretty hip
   01/18 18:38  btartus:   1-19-72 Garcia! wow! thats allright Mama! incredible!
   01/18 17:58  budz4ticketz:   
   01/18 17:58  budz4ticketz:   Mornin'
   01/18 17:02  luminarist:   Good Morning LL'ers    
   01/18 09:26  toastdoob:   blue is a problem more then red ~ I think UV has burned out blue in my fovia over the years ~ I see blue better out of the corner then direct sometime
   01/18 09:25  toastdoob:   green is in the middle of our visible spectrum ~ red and blue are the low and high ends respectively and our eyes are less sensitive to them
   01/18 09:22  toastdoob:   WOW it's sofa king foggy out that I can clearly see my red laser ~ usuaLLy I can only see a green beam since the eyes are more sensitive to green
   01/18 08:34  toastdoob:   I went for the stream just below ~ the flacs can wait
   01/18 08:16  toastdoob:   this is still live Leftover Salmon
   01/18 08:11  toastdoob:   it's DNB from the Charlie and Laymon days
   01/18 08:10  toastdoob:   I have this on a DVD but here's an mp4 version
   01/18 08:04  toastdoob:   I'll have something to 'ear after Johnny  
   01/18 07:38  toastdoob:   a new Jazz Is Dead on etree ~ I'm ASSuming it's new 'cause I ain't got it listed in Cathy ~ http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=590872
   01/18 07:15  arfarf:   yes, got it fine, thanks Smileytime  
   01/18 06:50  indydarkstar:   trying to talk myself into driving to see yonder thursday in bloomington.the plus is picking up LOS tix while I am there
   01/18 06:47  indydarkstar:   I did,on a yonder mountain punk band listen tonight though,hope to make it to left coast time
   01/18 06:43  Smileytime:   speaking of a FESTIVAL the Leftover Salmon Radio Show (Vol. 17) [url] mixlr.com/leftover-salmon [url] is on at 8pm MST
   01/18 06:40  Smileytime:   Hey Arfarf and Indy - did you guys get your WeTransfer - hope so - enjoy    the FESTIVVAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLL
   01/18 06:22  arfarf:   yep, been watching more golf, still don't watch prime time network TV
   01/18 06:21  coopertown:   yeah i have to have them from nascar to golf i`m in  
   01/18 06:20  arfarf:   too much soccar and Brewer games on Telemundo
   01/18 06:20  arfarf:   Sports is the big hurt for going over the air, leaves me with mostly pro football, game of the weeks, occasional car race...
   01/18 06:17  arfarf:   that should bring in Chicago stations
   01/18 06:17  arfarf:   no cable, antenna only for me, but yes, better picture over the air, gotta get a real atenna one of these days...
   01/18 06:17  coopertown:   i`m in CT and pay out the nose for cable because i have to have all the sports channels i still have a couple of those digital boxes and antennas
   01/18 06:14  toastdoob:   I get a better picture from Antenna TV OTA then on cable 207
   01/18 06:13  toastdoob:   I see from the new price list that it's $10 for this SD box and it's also $10 for an HD box ~ I may have to swap it
   01/18 06:10  coopertown:   cool
   01/18 06:10  toastdoob:   I let it save a cookie for my OTA signals and crappy cable converter
   01/18 06:09  toastdoob:   I use http://titantv.com/ to get my TV listings
   01/18 06:09  coopertown:   she`s in my top 5 entertainers with frank,elvis,sammy and michael
   01/18 06:09  toastdoob:   I use [url]titantv.com[/url] to get my TV listings

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