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Poll: Should Jerry have let Bob practice his slide guitar playing on stage?
Yes. Slinky Bob's slide playing sounds super!(88) (10%)
Yes. I like it when Bob's guitar sounds like street cats making love.(119) (14%)
Yes. At least it kept Bob from spitting for a moment. (79) (9%)
Hell No! I'd rather hear Donna caterwauling at the end of a Playin' jam.(220) (27%)
Undecided at the moment. Let me go check out the 5/5/78 Weirwolves of London encore and get back to you.(149) (18%)
No comment.(158) (19%)
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Poll: Best crowd roar ?
1983 St Stephen at MSG NY (59)  (19%)
1986 Box Of Rain at Hampton VA (33)  (10%)
1989 Dark Star at Hampton VA (114)  (37%)
1995 Unbroken Chain Philly PA (48)  (15%)
1992 Casey Jones RFK Wash DC (13)  (4%)
1983 St Stephen Hartford CT (19)  (6%)
1991 New Speedway Oakland CA (11)  (3%)
1988 Stir It Up Hampton VA (5)  (1%)
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