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Poll: How did you finance your GD Summer tour?
Grilled Cheese and Veggie burritos(4) (1%)
Saved up from job, then took a leave of absence to tour.(53) (25%)
I miracled my tour(3) (1%)
Mail ordered tickets and worried about paying rent later(36) (16%)
Hopped in with FATE for the ride(10) (4%)
Selling Imports(10) (4%)
Spent the college book money from the parents(8) (3%)
I Plead the 5th(88) (41%)
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Jerry - With Source
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Poll: What happens to your music collection when you bite the dust?
Family (152)  (24%)
Friends (75)  (12%)
Sold off (14)  (2%)
Given away (57)  (9%)
Probably the bin (115)  (18%)
No idea (209)  (33%)
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