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Poll: when did you stop enthusiasticaLLy going to see shows...
in only saw the GD in the 1960s(11) (1%)
early to mid 70s, after the hiatus i wasnt into it(25) (2%)
i dug em until keith left(32) (3%)
brent was awesome but bruce and vinny? nah..(129) (14%)
i like some 90s shows but stopped when jerry got bad(150) (17%)
right up thru the 95 tour but thatw as it(83) (9%)
i saw some post jerry but wasnt into it(129) (14%)
i still go see show every chance i get(309) (35%)
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Poll: The car I drive daily is how old...
new, like a year or two (83)  (12%)
around 5 years old (106)  (16%)
around 10 years old (254)  (39%)
around 20 years old (96)  (14%)
antique, 25 plus years old (18)  (2%)
no car, i walk, take a train, bus etc (50)  (7%)
no car, i ride a bike or skateboard (17)  (2%)
i don't leave my house much or don't drive (18)  (2%)
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