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Poll: my downloading sorta goes like this source wise
i ONLY download soundboards, simple as that(53) (13%)
im an aud guy, i like tapers and their recordings(16) (4%)
some shows a sbd is better, some an aud..i can tell by lineage(81) (20%)
i get each source, compare and keep the best(55) (13%)
once i find a matrix, the date is finally complete!!!(27) (6%)
i dont really understand all this stuff, so i just download(3) (0%)
i just get shows i saw or friends saw..source doesnt matter(0) (0%)
sbd aud or wax cylinder, just gimme the Good Ole GD(158) (40%)
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Jerry - With Source
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Poll: Have you enjoyed John Mayer's contribution to Dead and Co?
Yes (292)  (60%)
No (82)  (17%)
Who is John Mayer? (105)  (21%)
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