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Poll: when i see any new GD or JGB source, i likely
download immediately, no hesitation, but delete if junk(49) (10%)
download immediately and keep em all, or most. I'm OCD, so there.(103) (22%)
i told you, i only download the best sbds of a show.(48) (10%)
didnt we g over this, i liek auds..own a few sbds for various reasons(8) (1%)
i sporadically download, based on dates, HD space, excitement about source, etc.(161) (35%)
i read a lot of comments and if poistive I'll grab..like the best of the best, a good pile not comprehensive(75) (16%)
i dunno, i get some stuff some times, minimal collection(8) (1%)
rare, but i do download new GD and JGB sources(7) (1%)
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Dead - With Source
Dead - No Source
Jerry - With Source
Jerry - No Source

gdradio.net       Nugs.net
BSR-88.1       KXCI
KDHX       Jazz
KPFA       Phempa

Winamp      RealPlayer      Foobar


Poll: Do you participate in poLLs?
yes (286)  (73%)
no (104)  (26%)
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