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Poll: my listening style
miss my analog, deal with cds but no mp3s, yuk(124) (20%)
CDs are what i do, its easy and i dig them and ill do some mp3s(184) (31%)
used to mp3s, cds sound high quality to me, 24 bit? nahh(33) (5%)
just analog, visit LL for the forums , not the downloads(0) (0%)
since its anonymous, i admit everything i listen to is on my mp3 player(78) (13%)
super high resolution digital audio is the ONLY digital i really like, close to analog almost, which is the best(161) (27%)
just my tapes, thank you..few download here and there(3) (0%)
why download when i can stream LMA??(9) (1%)
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Jerry - With Source
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gdradio.net       Nugs.net
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KDHX       Jazz
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Poll: What's your favorite couplet ?
Dark Star -> St. Stephen (50)  (22%)
Scarlet Begonias -> Fire on the Mountain (81)  (36%)
Lost Sailor -> Saint of Circumstance (8)  (3%)
China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider (45)  (20%)
Estimated Prophet -> Eyes of the World (16)  (7%)
Playing in the Band -> Uncle John's Band (10)  (4%)
GDTRFB -> Not Fade Away (6)  (2%)
Jack Straw > Sugaree (5)  (2%)
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